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Corporate Press Release - August 21, 2023

Relish the taste of Enugu with GRUBSNOW

GRUBSNOW is set to expand its operations to ENUGU making it the second City in the southeast region after OWERRI.

Enugu, the coal city state, sits proudly on the hilltops of what used to be the capital city of Ojukwu’s Biafra. It’s a place known for its delicious food, beautiful women and thrilling vibes. The city is so synonymous with the good life that you cannot mention a pleasure trip to the southeastern part of Nigeria without Enugu popping into the minds of your listeners.

Good news! GrubsNow is coming soon to AWKA! Tell a friend to tell a friend and get ready to enjoy stress-free nutrition.

Now, you know what we said about Enugu being known for its delicious food? We meant it. You should see how people who taste Fiofio (a protein-rich delicacy native to Enugu people) for the first time glow when its yumminess hits their tongues – the picture they cut is always priceless. And that’s just one dish!

There are many other delicacies that’ll have you abandoning any kind of diet you might be on to enjoy the pleasures of a great meal. From local dishes like the mouthwatering Nsala and Oha soups to intercontinental affairs like tasty Chicken Curry Sauce and Basmati Rice, lavish English and American Breakfast spread. Let’s not forget to add the ever-spicy pepper soup of every variety, catfish, goat meat, cow tail, you name it. You’ll find all of these and so much more in the many restaurants that fill the city.

And talking about restaurants, you should see them. There are so many to choose from that some of us have taken to visiting a different one each week for the full food experience. A lot of the people living in Enugu enjoy the good fortune of having their favorite restaurants but someone who’s visiting will need some help to find one that suits their tastes. However, whether you’re new to town or were raised here, you’re going to need a partner if you want to enjoy the taste of Enugu whenever you choose – and that’s where GrubsNow comes in.

Good news! GrubsNow is coming soon to ASABA! Tell a friend to tell a friend and get ready to enjoy stress-free nutrition.

We know that you’ve got big dreams and passions and that you’ve only got so many hours in a day to pursue them. That’s why we’ve taken on the task of bringing all the deliciousness of Enugu, from celebrated restaurants (no doubt your fave vendors are included) in the city, closer to you – like seriously closer, as close as your fingers; so that you’re only a few clicks away from a delightful meal, anytime, any day.

With the GrubsNow (https://www.grubsnow.com/installapp) app on your phone, no meal is far from your reach. All you have to do is type in the name of the restaurant you’d like, scroll through their menu, and order whatever meal your heart (and tummy) decides on and in minutes, you’ll be enjoying it. And look, you didn’t have to interrupt your flow or even leave your workstation to get it done. Because as the sharp person wey you be, you’ve not just gotten more work done, you’ve taken yourself many steps closer to achieving your dream. And they said you couldn’t mix business with pleasure, thanks to GrubsNow, Enugu begs to differ.

Click to download the GrubsNow app and start enjoying Enugu for real today.

Good news! GrubsNow is coming soon to Awka! Tell a friend to tell a friend and get ready to enjoy stress-free nutrition.

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