Tony Elumelu: Self-Made Chairman of UBA, Transcorp
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News - August 21, 2023

Tony Elumelu: Self-Made Chairman of UBA, Transcorp

Tony Elumelu, the Chairman of Heirs Holdings, emphasized that his remarkable path to becoming one of the nation’s foremost entrepreneurs was propelled by discipline, diligent effort, and personal sacrifices, rather than a privileged upbringing.

Elumelu took to Facebook on a Sunday to share his life experiences and the core principles that have shaped his trajectory, positioning him as both a respected figure and a fatherly presence in the business realm.

Elumelu said, “I didn’t become the Chairman of UBA Group and Transcorp Group because I had wealthy parents or attended the best schools, or because I was the most intelligent in my state or country. Your circumstances today must not define your future.”

Elumelu’s take on diligence, discipline, and making sacrifices in attaining success.

Elumelu further stressed that “Embrace hard work, discipline, and sacrifice: I realized growing up that the way to get to the top is to go the extra mile. Have the discipline to say no to things that don’t serve you, and sacrifice now for future rewards. If you work hard and are disciplined, you will get what you desire in life.”

Furthermore, Elumelu provided guidance on preserving one’s authenticity despite external pressures. Drawing from his personal journey, he cautioned against compromising one’s principles to conform to societal expectations.

Elumelu emphasized the significance of staying true to oneself amidst the numerous distractions and influences in today’s world. He discouraged compromising values to appear more sociable and encouraged embracing one’s identity without seeking validation from others. 

How social media can mislead

Elumelu also highlighted the deceptive nature of social media, advising caution and critical thinking when interpreting online content, as it may not accurately reflect reality. He stressed the crucial role of discipline in navigating life’s journey.

Furthermore, Elumelu addressed the challenges posed by social media and its potential to mislead. He cautioned against being swayed by the curated images presented online and highlighted the importance of discipline in this context. 

Additionally, he underscored the value of nurturing strong parent-child bonds, where correction, nurturing, and education are driven by love and the shared goal of building a better society.

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