Niger Junta Ordered by ECOWAS to Release Bazoum Unconditionally 
Home News Niger Junta Ordered by ECOWAS to Release Bazoum Unconditionally 
News - August 22, 2023

Niger Junta Ordered by ECOWAS to Release Bazoum Unconditionally 

The Niger junta has been warned by the Economic Community of West African States to free President Mohamed Bazoum. He has been confined to his residence since his removal by the military on July 26. 

According to ECOWAS Commissioner Abdel-Fatau Musah, the bloc’s stance remains unequivocal, as stated to Reuters on Monday.

He stressed the need to release Bazoum without preconditions and promptly restore constitutional order, referring to Niger’s ousted president, Mohamed Bazoum. This statement was conveyed via WhatsApp in response to an inquiry regarding the delay of the proposed elections.

He said, “Release Bazoum without preconditions, restore constitutional order without further delay. The outcome of “ongoing informal discussions” would determine whether ECOWAS would send another mediation mission to Niger.”

ECOWAS has been questioned about its credibility

The credibility of the organization has been compromised due to the recent series of coups that have undermined democracy in the region. This has led to uncertainty about its influence, as leaders of the juntas have clung to power.

For the second time, an ECOWAS delegation arrived in Niger Republic on August 19, engaging in a final diplomatic effort before making a decision regarding potential military intervention against the junta.

Nonetheless, General Abdourahamane Tiani, the leader of the military junta in Niger, stated his intention to step down from power within a span of three years. He cautioned that any foreign military intervention would not be an easy endeavor.

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