Wike Appeals for Workers' Backing in Transforming Abuja into a Great City 
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News - August 23, 2023

Wike Appeals for Workers’ Backing in Transforming Abuja into a Great City 

Nyesom Wike, serving as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, has called upon the workers within the FCT Administration (FCTA) for their assistance in transforming Abuja into a truly deserving capital city.

Wike made this request in the city of Abuja while accepting the handover documents from Adesola Olusade, the Permanent Secretary of FCTA, on a Tuesday.

The minister expressed that his goal is to turn Abuja into a remarkable city that matches the stature of being the federal capital of the most populous nation in Africa.

Wike talked about making Abuja better. He promised to finish projects instead of leaving them incomplete and would only start projects only when there was enough money. He also reaffirmed his belief in President Bola Tinubu’s hopeful ideas and said people would notice positive changes soon.

However, he pointed out that achieving these goals would be difficult without the help of the FCT workers and residents. He mentioned that the ministry’s immediate plans include fixing the streetlights, making public transportation better, and enhancing cleanliness for a livable city.

To the workers, he said “We need your support. Nothing will work without your passion, dedication, and commitment to duty. We shall provide all the support, incentives, and what you need to work well. What I expect is results. However, if I provide the needed resources, you must deliver or return the funds”.

“From next week, we will commit ourselves to deliver on our responsibilities, but we have to work together to deliver on our mandates,” he added.

Wike stated that appointments to the different departments within FCTA would occur only after discussing with the necessary people involved.

He encouraged directors who believed they couldn’t effectively handle their current responsibilities to request to be moved to roles where they are more capable. He emphasized that he wouldn’t accept excuses for not succeeding.

Mariya Mahmoud express support for Wike

Additionally, the Minister of State for FCT, Mariya Mahmoud, expressed that with the assistance of the workers, Mr. Wike’s accomplishments in Rivers could be mirrored in the FCT. She firmly believed that together, they could reproduce the successes, particularly in the Area Councils and Satellite Towns of the capital.

She further explained that the approach aims to bring positive changes to the lives of the rural population and it is essential to note that they anticipate strong dedication, teamwork, and faithfulness from all employees, as things, will not proceed as they used to. She explained that they will align with President Tinubu’s vision, which would be revealed as active work begins.

Before that, the permanent secretary guaranteed the ministers full backing from the entire FCT Administration staff to achieve President Tinubu’s objectives without any reservations.

He said, “I am particularly impressed that all stakeholders in FCT, including the indigenous people of Abuja, have demonstrated their commitment to work with you all. The warm welcome extended to you yesterday clearly shows the eagerness of the residents of FCT to see you replicate the Port Harcourt experience in the FCT.”

Shehu Hadi promises a full workforce support

Mr. Shehu Hadi, Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority, expressed gratitude to Wike and Mahmoud for their willingness to take on roles in reshaping the FCT.

Mr. Hadi pledged the ministers the workforce’s support and collaboration required to elevate the FCT’s standing to one of the finest globally.

He said, “We look forward to a harmonious relationship for the good of all in the FCT.” 

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