Mike Adenuga's Visit to Bola Tinubu: Possible Outcomes
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News - August 25, 2023

Mike Adenuga’s Visit to Bola Tinubu: Possible Outcomes

The recent meeting between billionaire Mike Adenuga, the founder of Globacom, and President Bola Tinubu at the presidential villa in Abuja has captured attention. As these two influential figures come together, possibilities abound that their discussions could potentially traverse the domains of addressing Nigerian societal needs and pressing issues.

As a result of their shared experiences and areas of expertise, their discussions could

amplify positive effects in the country. Let’s look at some of their potential discussions

that could be aimed at nation-building.

Joint philanthropic initiatives to ease Nigerian’s social challenges

Both individuals have engaged in philanthropic activities in the past. This meeting might steer them to discuss a shared goal which is working together for good causes in Nigeria or conversations on plans to tackle social problems. These might include aiding education, healthcare, or helping those in need. By pooling resources, their alliance could bring positive change to those in the nation who need it most.

Foster stronger international engagement

Both Adenuga and Tinubu have international connections. Their meeting could involve discussions about fostering stronger international relations, attracting foreign investment, and representing Nigeria’s interests on the global stage through joint initiatives.

They could talk about making Nigeria’s friendships with other countries even stronger or discuss bringing money from outside Nigeria to help the country grow. Also, they could speak for Nigeria in other countries, working together on big plans. This could mean good things for Nigeria’s future on the big world stage. 

Ways to drive innovation and technology in Nigeria 

As the founder of Globacom, the second largest network operator in Nigeria, Adenuga has vast experience in innovation and technology which is needed in governance. They might explore ways to drive technological advancements within Nigeria, foster innovation ecosystems, and support startups that align with their interests, which would in turn lead to the creation of jobs.

Ideas to promote economic growth and investment

Adenuga can discuss with the Tinubu and advocate for regulatory and policy reforms that facilitate business operations, reduce bureaucracy, and promote fair competition that can stimulate economic activity.  Also, reforms that facilitate business operations, and entrepreneurship support initiatives, amongst others.

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