5 Expert Opinions that Will Change How You Do Social Media Marketing
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Lists - August 26, 2023

5 Expert Opinions that Will Change How You Do Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, there are diverse perspectives that could transform business strategies or the way the campaign is tailored. These fresh thoughts come from experts who know a lot about the way it works. They suggest different ways of doing things that might really help. 

As businesses move through the fast-changing world of online marketing, trying out these new ideas could make people more interested, and make connections with customers stronger. This article explores different viewpoints from several experts and what they could mean for how businesses use social media.

Get help from the community – Neil Patel

Neil Patel, a renowned digital marketer states the importance of building a strong community around your brand on social media. Keeping your social media content useful and interesting can become a challenge as time goes on. When you’re deep into a topic day after day, it’s easy for things to start sounding the same. This often leads to spending more and more time searching for things to share.

One best ways to fix this is to reach out to your community for help. You can let your followers know that you’re on the lookout for fresh and engaging content and encourage them to share their ideas. You can also follow others who share relevant links, and then repost those links. When you find and share the best content, your followers will come to trust you as a source of posts that resonate with them.

Take a Consumer-Centric Approach – Gary Vee

When it comes to marketing in social media, Gary Vee believes in knowing what people are up to and which platforms they’re using. He compares himself to someone who watches the stock market daily instead of just checking past results. This way of thinking is all about focusing on what people want. 

He calls it “blindly consumer-centric.” It’s about understanding where people are paying attention. And nowadays, that’s mostly social media. Unlike traditional media companies that think short-term, being consumer-centric keeps you looking at the bigger picture which is the people. Social media marketing takes time, but it brings lasting success. By keeping your eyes on what people need and like, you can stay relevant and successful in the long run.

Build a relationship with Gen Z audience – Mari Smith

One more important opinion from Mari Smith about social media marketing is building relationships with the Gen Z audience. This means for brands to go beyond surface-level attempts they must involve actual Gen Z employees in the marketing process to gain insights and create campaigns that resonate with their peers and trends.

See the whole world as your competition in your campaign – Jay Baer

When we think about competition, we usually focus on just the businesses similar to ours. But according to Jay Baer, a business growth and customer experience researcher and speaker,  says in social media and content marketing, it’s different. He says “We often lull ourselves into believing that our competition is our competition. But in social and content marketing that’s not true. Your competition is the whole world.”

The online world is huge, and people have so many choices. To stand out, you need to think beyond your immediate rivals. You’re competing for people’s attention against everything online. So, when you’re planning your campaigns, remember that you’re not just up against a few companies, you’re up against the whole world’s content and information.

Use of videos and stories are not optional – Kim Garst

You might have seen that the way people enjoy content has changed a lot. Not many folks watch TV like they used to, instead, they have switched to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook Watch which are also platforms where marketers and business owners can appear. Videos allow people to be part of how they like to enjoy content.

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