5 Jaw Dropping Earnings of Dangote Group in 2023 So Far
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5 Jaw Dropping Earnings of Dangote Group in 2023 So Far

In the ever-challenging economic landscape of Africa, the Nigerian conglomerate, Dangote Group, led by its flagship company, Dangote Cement Plc, has defied the odds to post jaw-dropping earnings in 2023, capturing the attention of global investors and analysts. Despite navigating through a labyrinth of macroeconomic hurdles, the Group has showcased remarkable resilience and strategic acumen.

As we delve into the financial feats that have made Dangote a household name in African business, we’ll explore what these achievements mean not just for the conglomerate, but for the continent’s economic prospects as a whole.

Increase in earnings per share by 4.21%

One of the most impressive metrics in Dangote Cement’s 2023 report is the increase in Earnings Per Share (EPS). The EPS is often considered the litmus test for a company’s profitability. In Q1 2023, Dangote Cement reported a 4.21% increase in EPS, rising from ₦6.18 in Q1 2022 to ₦6.44 in Q1 2023. This uptick is not just a statistical increment, it’s a robust indicator of the company’s enhanced profitability. For investors, this surge in EPS is a beacon signaling long-term value and a testament to the company’s adept management and operational efficiency.

Dangote Cement’s pan-Africa EBITDA skyrocket to ₦443.3 billion

The first half of 2023 was a watershed moment for Dangote Cement’s pan-Africa operations, with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) soaring to ₦93.6 billion marking a two-fold increase. This contributed significantly to the Group’s overall EBITDA, which swelled by 18.8% to ₦443.3 billion. This is not just an expansion for the sake of growth; it’s a calculated, highly profitable venture that underscores the company’s strategic acumen in tapping into emerging markets across Africa.

Recurring profit after tax reached ₦292.2 billion

Excluding a non-cash foreign exchange loss of ₦113.6 billion, the recurring Profit After Tax (PAT) skyrocketed by an astonishing 37.4%, reaching ₦292.2 billion. This indicates that the core operations of Dangote Cement are not just stable but are thriving. It’s a clear sign that the company’s fundamental business model is sound, resilient, and capable of generating substantial profits even in challenging economic conditions.

₦109.50 billion profit in Q1

In an unusual yet commendable scenario, Dangote Cement experienced a 3.45% uptick in profits, amounting to ₦109.50 billion for Q1 2023, even as revenues dipped by 1.56% compared to Q1 2022. This paradox underscores the company’s resilience and its laser focus on cost management and operational efficiency. It shows that Dangote Cement has the ability to squeeze profits out of challenging situations, making it a resilient player in a volatile market.

Pan-Africa sales volume hits 5.4 million tonnes

The Dangote Group through Dangote Cement’s pan-Africa operations recorded an 11.6% increase in sales volume, hitting 5.4 million tonnes in the first half of 2023. This accounts for a significant 40.4% of the Group’s total sales volume. This is not just a statistic; it’s a strong indicator of the burgeoning demand for Dangote Cement products in markets outside Nigeria, affirming the company’s successful pan-African strategy.

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