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7 Things to Know about Aliko Dangote University of Science & Technology

Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology (ADUSTECH) stands as a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to excellence in education.

Situated along the Gaya/Dutse Road, in the Wudil Local Government Area of Kano State, ADUSTECH has a rich history and a promising future. 

From its transformational renaming to its diverse academic offerings and global affiliations, this institution is poised to shape the future of the nation and contribute to the global academic community.

As it continues to evolve and adapt, ADUSTECH remains a vibrant hub of knowledge and innovation, driven by the spirit of its namesake and the aspirations of its students and faculty. Let’s delve into some aspects of Aliko Dangote University, shedding light on its evolution, academic programs, and more.

Formerly called Kano University of Technology

The Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology was formerly known as Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST), Wudil. 

Following the approval of the Kano State Executive Council, the university was renamed during the tenure of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje in 2022.

The decision of the state council was premised on recommendations by the university’s visitation panel.

This change recognizes the contributions of Aliko Dangote, a prominent Nigerian industrialist and philanthropist, to the field of education.

It offers 32 science courses 

Aliko Dangote University places a strong emphasis on the sciences, with programs in areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, and microbiology. These programs not only equip students with theoretical knowledge but also foster hands-on learning through well-equipped laboratories.

From agricultural economics to computer science, from biochemistry to urban and regional planning, the university provides students with a broad canvas upon which to paint their educational journey.

It was established during KwanKwaso’s tenure

ADUSTECH’s journey began in 2001 when it first opened its doors to students. Founded under the visionary leadership of Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who served as the Governor of Kano State from 1999 to 2003, the university has since evolved into a hub of intellectual pursuit and innovation.

The university’s library, established in 2001, plays a pivotal role in supporting, teaching, learning, and research endeavors. It boasts a wide array of units, including Circulation, Reference, Serial, and an E-Library section, all dedicated to facilitating a conducive learning environment.

Prof. Musa Tukur Yakasai is the Vice-chancellor of the university

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Musa Tukur Yakasai, an Agricultural Economist was presented with his Letter of Appointment at an impressive ceremony during the 61st Governing Council meeting held on Thursday 29th December 2022 at the Central Research Laboratory (CRL) in the Campus.

After receiving the letter, Professor Musa Tukur Yakasai used the occasion to congratulate the Chancellor, Alhaji Aliko Dangote for having the University renamed after him.

It promised to use eNaira for tuition payments

The Vice Chancellor of Aliko Dangote University, Prof. Musa Tukur Yakasai assured the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, that he would adopt eNaira for tuition payments.

He also added that he will implement the initiative after consulting the state government. 

It is ranked as the 123rd Best Universities in Nigeria

The Aliko Dangote University is ranked 123rd in the list of Best Universities in Nigeria. With a vision to be an International Centre of Excellence, ADUSTECH provides community-based education to facilitate the production of graduates who shall fulfil the stipulated requirements in learning and character.

It belongs to the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Aliko Dangote University is not just a local institution; it’s a global player in academia. The university proudly holds membership in the Association of Commonwealth Universities, a network of higher education institutions spanning over 50 countries. 

This affiliation underscores its commitment to international standards of education and research.

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