How Alex Okosi Became Google's Managing Director for Africa
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How Alex Okosi Became Google’s Managing Director for Africa

Alex Okosi, the current Managing Director for Google Africa, is a name that resonates with innovation, leadership, and transformative growth in the continent’s burgeoning tech industry. His journey, which began in Nigeria and led him through educational and professional experiences across three continents, is a testament to his relentless ambition and skill. 

With a career spanning 21 years in media, entertainment, and technology, Okosi has been a pivotal force in shaping not just companies but also markets. As he steps into his role at Google Africa, he is uniquely positioned to steer an entire continent toward a more digitally inclusive and prosperous future. This article offers an in-depth look at the milestones and philosophies that have defined his extraordinary career.

Okosi’s journey from trade marketing to executive leadership at ViacomCBS 

Okosi’s association with ViacomCBS dates back to 1998 when he joined the Trade Marketing team in New York. He later moved to Los Angeles to lead distribution efforts as part of the Affiliate Sales and Marketing team. In 2003, he transferred to the international Strategy and Business Development team in London where he developed the business plan and launched MTV’s first localized channel in Africa, MTV Base, in 2005.

Over his 21-year span with ViacomCBS, Okosi held various roles, including Executive Vice President and Managing Director of ViacomCBS Networks Africa and BET International. He was responsible for driving the growth of multiple entertainment brands like BET, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV Base, MTV Music, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Nicktoons tailored for the African market.

He steered YouTube’s growth in EMEA emerging markets

Prior to his appointment at Google Africa, Alex Okosi served as the Managing Director for YouTube in the EMEA Emerging Markets, covering Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In this capacity, he was instrumental in driving YouTube’s strategic expansion and growth across diverse and complex markets, including Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey. Okosi leveraged his deep understanding of these regions to tailor YouTube’s offerings, ensuring they met the unique needs and preferences of local audiences. 

Okosi transition to Google Africa as MD

In his new role as Google’s Managing Director for Africa, Okosi is responsible for Google’s operations on the continent. This includes programs to help businesses and economies grow, as well as expanding access and providing tools to help the next billion users benefit from the Web. 

Meir Brand, Vice President, EMEA Emerging Markets at Google, described Okosi as a proven leader with a wealth of experience in media and technology. He attested that Okosi has a deep understanding of African countries and a passion for using technology to empower people and businesses.

He views his appointment as a catalyst for African Development

Okosi is excited about leading Google’s team in Africa and sees the opportunity to be an even closer part of this diverse and dynamic region as a privilege. He said  “I’m a firm believer in the potential for technology and, in particular, the internet to improve people’s lives and to help individuals and businesses in Africa to thrive.

With the African tech industry set to reach new heights, the future looks promising for Alex Okosi and Google Africa. Plans are underway to launch more community-focused projects and to continue expanding Google’s services across the continent.

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