Alex Otti: 7 Key Facts about the New Abia State Governor
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Alex Otti: 7 Key Facts about the New Abia State Governor

The rise of Alex Otti to the gubernatorial seat of Abia State in Nigeria under the Labour Party could signal a hopeful turn in a political landscape often marred by opacity and a lack of accountability,  As an economist, ex-banker, and philanthropist, Otti’s multifaceted career has uniquely positioned him for the challenges of governance. His victory in the election was more than just a personal achievement; it signaled a significant shift in the state’s political landscape, 

With a robust educational background, including a first-class degree in Economics and an MBA, Otti is well-equipped to tackle the state’s challenges. His career has spanned various sectors, from banking to journalism, providing him with a well-rounded perspective that is rare in politics. As Abia State looks forward to a new era, the focus is on how Otti will leverage his diverse skill set to bring about meaningful change, however, let’s look at some facts about Alex Otti.

Alex Otti broke the PDP’s 24-year rule

Alex Otti’s triumph in the recent gubernatorial election is nothing short of historic, breaking the PDP’s 24-year stronghold on Abia State. This shift in power not only represents a significant political realignment but also reflects the electorate’s desire for change and new leadership. His victory might not just be a win for him or the Labour Party, it could be a win for the people of Abia State, who have shown that they are ready for a different kind of governance.

Otti’s win was influenced by Peter Obi’s effect

Alex Otti’s win was significantly influenced by the “Peter Obi Effect,” named after the Labour Party’s presidential candidate. Peter Obi’s popularity and policies had a ripple effect on the gubernatorial race, making Otti’s candidacy more appealing to the electorate. This shows Otti’s ability to align himself with figures who resonate with the people, a skill that will be crucial in governance.

Financial auditing expertise from diamond bank GMD to Abia governance

During his tenure as the Group Managing Director/CEO of Diamond Bank, Alex Otti was responsible for implementing a robust financial auditing system that increased the bank’s transparency and accountability. This specific skill set is directly applicable to his immediate action of initiating a forensic audit of the state workforce in Abia, which has already led to the discovery of 2,300 ghost workers, saving the government N250 million.

He declared a state of emergency upon resumption

Immediately after taking office, Otti declared a state of emergency in critical areas which are security, education, infrastructure, investment, climate change, and pension payment. This decisive action indicates a governor who understands the pressing issues facing his state and is willing to tackle them head-on.

The governor has given the green light to the “Illuminating Abia Project,” aimed at installing street lights across key areas in Umuahia, Aba, and other cities within the state. Additionally, the initiative includes clearing the vegetation in the median lanes of the expressway starting from Okigwe gate into the state, where street lights will also be set up.

 He froze all government accounts immediately

One of Otti’s first actions was to freeze all government accounts to prevent last-minute looting, a move that underscores his commitment to financial prudence and transparency. With immediate effect, he instructed that all banks and financial institutions nationwide are instructed to refrain from processing any checks, documents, or financial directives that have not been explicitly authorized or issued by the governor.  His administration has also begun a forensic audit of the state workforce, aiming to pay the right people, thereby saving the state millions. 

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