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Top 7 Cities with the Richest People in Africa

Africa’s economic landscape has seen substantial growth and transformation in recent years, and with it, a rise in the number of billionaires and affluent individuals. 

While the distribution of wealth across the continent is diverse, there are certain cities that stand out as epicentres of prosperity for some of the richest people in Africa.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 7 cities with the richest people in Africa, along with some of the notable billionaires who call these cities home.

Source: Statista

Cairo, Egypt 

Cairo, Egypt’s vibrant capital, is not only steeped in history but is also home to a growing number of rich people. 

With Egypt boasting one of the largest economies on the continent, it’s no surprise that Cairo has a share of its own billionaires. 

Among them are Nassef Sawiris, chairman of Orascom Construction Industries, and Youssef Mansour, whose family conglomerate has interests in automotive distribution and other sectors.

Lagos, Nigeria


Lagos, Nigeria’s economic heart, is where fortunes are made and maintained. As Nigeria’s largest city, it attracts entrepreneurs, investors, and business tycoons. 

Some of the country’s wealthiest individuals, such as Femi Otedola and Mike Adenuga, have their roots in Lagos. 

Otedola’s interests range from energy to transportation, while Adenuga’s telecom and oil ventures have propelled him to billionaire status.

Casablanca, Morocco 

Casablanca, often dubbed Morocco’s economic capital, has witnessed remarkable growth and urbanization. 

With a burgeoning number of rich people, the city has its share of billionaires. Notable among them is Aziz Akhannouch, who has interests in the petroleum and energy sectors, and Othman Benjelloun, whose financial services conglomerate spans the globe.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, is experiencing substantial economic growth, and its population of affluent individuals is on the rise. 

One prominent figure in this vibrant city is Mohammed Dewji, often referred to as “Mo” Dewji. His diversified business interests include manufacturing, agriculture, and retail, making him one of Tanzania’s wealthiest individuals.

Kano, Nigeria 

Kano, another Nigerian city on our list, has witnessed the rise of several billionaires. Among them is Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest person and a prominent industrialist with vast interests in cement, sugar, and other sectors.

Also, Abdul Samad Rabiu, founder and Chairman of BUA is known for his conglomerate’s contributions to the Nigerian economy.

Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Stellenbosch, though not as large as Johannesburg, stands as another South African city with a significant concentration of wealth. 

Here, you’ll find Johann Rupert, a billionaire whose luxury goods conglomerate spans the globe. 

Rupert’s influence extends to art, wine, and more, making him a prominent figure in South Africa’s affluent circles.

Cape Town, South Africa 

Cape Town, known for its stunning natural beauty, is also home to several billionaires. Christo Wiese, an influential business magnate with interests in retail, investments, and more, is one of the city’s notable billionaires. 

Also, Koos Bekker, renowned for his contributions to media and Patrice Motsepe, a mining magnate, are also among the richest people in Cape Town.

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