Exploring the Notable Features of the iPhone 15 and the EU's Push for Type C Charging 
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Exploring the Notable Features of the iPhone 15 and the EU’s Push for Type C Charging 

Apple has confirmed that their new iPhone, will not feature their exclusive Lightning charging port, following EU regulations that mandated the change. The tech giant announced that the iPhone 15, unveiled at their annual event on Tuesday, will use a USB-C cable as the “universally accepted standard.”

They also introduced a new Apple Watch series with a more advanced chip. However, one analyst said the absence of “headline-grabbing” updates from Apple this year will disappoint some people.

Ben Wood from CSS Insight said it’s not surprising given the maturity of the iPhone and Watch. The statement suggests that the iPhone and Watch devices have reached a level of refinement that makes it increasingly difficult to deliver groundbreaking updates every year.

Apple’s type C Charging port

Apple has released a USB-C-to-Lightning port adapter for £29 ($36). The product allows people to connect their Lightning port accessories, which they may have accumulated over the years, to the new USB-C-enabled iPhones or iPads. The company stated that the USB-C cable, which already works with Apple laptops and iPads, will also be compatible with new versions of their AirPods Pro earphones and wired EarPods headphones.

The EU had directed the tech giant to abandon their proprietary charging ports in order to make life easier for consumers, save them money, and help reduce electronic waste by encouraging the reuse of chargers.

However, some people warn that the move will lead to an increase in discarded cables in the coming years. Perhaps in response, Apple used their launch event on Tuesday to make a series of environmental pledges about their new devices, including making the new Apple Watch range carbon-neutral for the first time.

They will also increase the amount of recycled materials used in batteries and other parts of the new Watch and iPhone. The company also confirmed that it will no longer use leather for any of its accessories and pledged to become carbon-neutral as a business by 2030. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the new iPhone 15 range includes the best and most capable iPhones ever made.

Features of iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 Plus features brighter screens and improved camera systems, while the high-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max now come with a titanium frame to enhance their strength. The Pro and Max models also have an “action button” in place of the mute switch, which can be customized for a variety of functions.

The new Apple Watch will feature gesture control double-tapping two fingers together on the same hand that wears the device will enable wearers to answer or end a call. However, some experts question whether consumers will be willing to pay the high price tags for these devices, given that they are not significantly different from older models.

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