Fatal Accident on Lagos Bridge: 'Motor Boy' Killed as Haulage Truck Capsizes 
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Fatal Accident on Lagos Bridge: ‘Motor Boy’ Killed as Haulage Truck Capsizes 

A truck driver lost his life and his assistant was injured in a tragic fatal incident in Apapa, Lagos. Eyewitness Bode Olumuyiwa reported that the truck collided with a parked tipper on Wharf Road near the Area B Police Command while leaving Apapa. Olumuyiwa suspects brake failure caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, leading to the devastating accident.

Olumuyiwa stated that despite the quick efforts of bystanders and emergency personnel to save both the driver and his assistant from the fatal accident, the driver succumbed to his injuries before help could arrive. Meanwhile, the assistant, who was pinned under the truck, was successfully rescued and immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

How LASTMA official came to the rescue 

Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), corroborated the account, noting that LASTMA personnel were instrumental in freeing the assistant who was stuck beneath the tanker, carrying a 40-foot container. However, the accident led to the immediate death of the driver instantly.

In an update on the fatal accident in Apapa, Lagos, Taofiq said that Egbetola Sulaiman, the leader of the rescue team from Zebra 36, Apapa, confirmed the involvement of a truck carrying a 40-foot container and a parked tipper with no license plate. Preliminary findings suggest the truck driver, who was traveling at high speed, lost control and collided with the stationary tipper.

Sulaiman added that emergency crews, including their own officials, successfully extricated the assistant trapped under the truck. Unfortunately, the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The body of the deceased driver is currently in the custody of Area B Police Command, while the injured assistant was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for medical care.

He indicated that additional emergency units on the fatal accident scene included representatives from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the Nigeria Police, and the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA).

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