Tinubu's Govt Gave N100m to Legislator : NLC Mobilises for Strike
Home News Tinubu’s Govt Gave N100m to Each Legislator as 100s of Nigerians Shared One Bag of Rice: NLC Mobilises for Indefinite Strike
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Tinubu’s Govt Gave N100m to Each Legislator as 100s of Nigerians Shared One Bag of Rice: NLC Mobilises for Indefinite Strike

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has warned the Federal Government that it stands on the brink of initiating an indefinite strike action, following what it describes as the government’s grossly insufficient palliative measures.

The warning comes as the government faces increasing scrutiny for its purportedly lopsided spending during these challenging economic times, including allegations that each legislator received N100 million while the common citizen is left struggling with insufficient aid.

Events Leading to the Proposed NLC Strike

The labour organisation initially set a 21-day ultimatum on the 1st of September, warning that an indefinite strike could ensue should the Federal Government fail to address its concerns. 

That ultimatum expires on the 22nd of September, roughly one week from today. 

To accentuate the gravity of their grievances, the NLC conducted a two-day warning strike on the 5th and 6th of September.

The warning strike resulted in partial disruptions of social and economic activities in various states. 

Among their demands are wage awards, tax exemptions, allowances for public sector workers, and a review of the minimum wage.

Government Accused of Neglecting Negotiations

In a recent interview with newsmen, Christopher Onyeka, the National Assistant General Secretary of the NLC, expressed frustration over the government’s lack of engagement. 

He said, “The Federal Government has abandoned and absconded from the negotiation table,” adding that there has been “no good faith negotiation going on.”

A Public Call to Action

Onyeka also described the government’s current palliative measures as an “insult to Nigerians.” 

He criticised the contrast between the bag of rice distributed to the general populace and the N100 million reportedly given to each legislator. 

Onyeka urged Nigerians to rally behind the NLC’s cause, saying, “When NLC calls for action, people should come out, because it is a collective effort to make the government yield to the desires and interests of Nigerians.”

This impending NLC strike serves as a critical juncture for both the government and the citizens of Nigeria. 

With the clock ticking on the ultimatum, it remains to be seen whether the government will engage in fruitful negotiations to forestall a nationwide strike that could cripple the country’s already fragile economy.

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