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5 Influential Africans in Banking You Should Know

When it comes to Africans in banking, the spotlight often misses the continent’s homegrown talent. 

But today, we’re changing that narrative. We’re diving deep into the lives of some of Africa’s most influential figures in the banking sector—people who are not just making a name for themselves but are also setting global standards. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

Herbert Wigwe

Herbert Wigwe, the CEO of Access Bank, is a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian banking sector. 

Under his leadership, Access Bank has grown exponentially, becoming one of the largest financial institutions in Nigeria. 

Herbert is a visionary who has been instrumental in various financial literacy programmes and sustainability projects. 

His leadership style is often described as transformative, and he’s been honoured with numerous awards for his contributions to the banking industry.

Maria Ramos

Maria Ramos, a powerhouse in the South African banking scene, has had an illustrious career. 

She has served as the CEO of Absa Group and Barclays Africa Group, where she played a pivotal role in the bank’s growth and expansion across Africa. 

Known for her strategic acumen and strong leadership, Maria has been a part of various international boards and committees, contributing her expertise to global financial discussions.

James Mwangi

James Mwangi, the CEO of Equity Group Holdings, is a Kenyan entrepreneur who has revolutionised banking in East Africa. 

Under his leadership, Equity Bank has become one of the largest banks in Africa, offering a range of financial services to millions. James is a recipient of the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year award, and his work in financial inclusion has been globally recognised.

Tidjane Thiam

Tidjane Thiam, a French and Ivorian businessman, has had a remarkable career in the banking sector. He served as the CEO of Swiss bank Credit Suisse and was the first African to lead an FTSE 100 listed company when he became the CEO of Prudential. 

Tidjane has been involved in various international development projects and has received numerous awards and honours for his contributions to the banking industry. 

His leadership has been transformative, especially in the areas of wealth management and sustainable development.

Sim Tshabalala

Last but certainly not least, we have Sim Tshabalala, the CEO of Standard Bank Group. Hailing from South Africa, Sim earned a whopping $2.8 million salary in 2022. 

Under his leadership, Standard Bank has seen significant growth and has expanded its operations across various African countries. Sim is known for his innovative approaches to banking and his commitment to financial inclusion across the continent.

Each of these individuals has made significant contributions to the banking sector, not just in their home countries but across the African continent and beyond.

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