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Jim Ovia’s 5 Most Valuable Assets

Jim Ovia, a towering figure in the African financial arena, is not only Nigeria’s wealthiest banker but also a pivotal player in the nation’s business landscape. As the founder and chairman of Zenith Bank PLC, Nigeria’s premier commercial bank, Jim Ovia’s impact on the African financial sector is undeniable. 

Owning a substantial 16.17-percent stake valued at over $230 million, thanks to the recent acquisitions and Zenith Bank’s stellar share price performance, he exemplifies financial prowess. Beyond banking, Ovia is a versatile entrepreneur with investments spanning telecommunications, real estate, oil and gas, power generation, and media. His 2015 net worth of $550 million solidified his position among Africa’s wealthiest. Let’s take a look at some of his valuable assets.

Zenith Bank plc

Zenith Bank, licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, is a financial powerhouse not only in Nigeria but also across Anglophone West Africa. Established in 1990 under the visionary leadership of Jim Ovia, it has earned a reputation as Nigeria’s most profitable bank. Boasting assets totaling an impressive N13.4 trillion ($17.7 billion), Zenith Bank operates a vast network of over 500 branches, supported by a dedicated workforce of over 10,000 employees, and serves an astounding 9 million satisfied customers. 

Jim Ovia’s strategic acumen recently reinforced his influence within the bank by acquiring an additional 5 million shares, elevating his stake to an impressive 16.17 percent. His total holding now stands at an extraordinary 5,077,104,311 shares. This strategic maneuver, along with Zenith Bank’s surging market value, firmly establishes Ovia as an undisputed dominant force in Nigeria’s dynamic financial sector.

Quantum Luxury Properties

Quantum Luxury Properties, under Jim Ovia’s astute leadership, is a real estate investment company focused exclusively on proprietary real estate investments in West Africa. Notably, the firm’s portfolio includes the iconic Civic Center Towers, a testament to its commitment to shaping the region’s real estate landscape.

Quantum Markets

Established under the guidance of Jim Ovia, Quantum Asset Management came into existence in 2004, specializing in providing customized portfolio management services. These services cater to a diverse clientele, including private individuals and institutional investors seeking expert asset management solutions. 

Quantum Asset Management offers a comprehensive range of asset management products, encompassing both discretionary and non-discretionary investment options. These offerings are grounded in a deep well of professional expertise, ensuring the identification of lucrative investment opportunities across various asset classes to maximize returns.

The Civic Center Towers

Jim Ovia’s visionary collaboration with Marriott Hotels in 2012 has had a lasting impact on the Lagos skyline. Ovia’s noteworthy achievement includes ownership of the prestigious Civic Center Towers, a 15-story, 150-bedroom five-star hotel prominently located on Ozumba Mbadiwe. 

This multimillion-dollar establishment shares its prime location with Otudeko’s Radisson Blue Hotel, effectively underlining Ovia’s substantial contributions to the Nigerian hospitality industry. His foresight and involvement in this venture signify a pivotal step towards elevating the country’s reputation in the realm of luxury accommodations and hospitality services.

Cyberspace Network

Jim Ovia embarked on the journey of founding Cyberspace Network In 1995, a company fully owned by Nigerians. This forward-looking venture quickly sprung into action as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), initially delivering dial-up services through telephone lines. Since its inception, Cyberspace Network has played a pivotal role in advancing Nigeria’s connectivity landscape, propelling the nation into the digital age. 

Jim Ovia’s vision and investment in this endeavor have not only contributed to expanding internet access but have also played a significant part in bridging the digital divide in Nigeria, making online resources and opportunities more accessible to its citizens. Cyberspace Network stands as a testament to Ovia’s commitment to the technological development and progress of Nigeria.

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