Morocco's King Provides $98 Million Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims
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Morocco’s King Provides $98 Million Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims 

In response to Morocco’s earthquake on September 8, which tragically claimed nearly 3,000 lives and injured over 5,000 people, King Mohammed VI has donated $98 million to a specially designed relief fund. The donation was sanctioned following a board meeting at Al Mada Group, where the king holds a major stake.

The Moroccan monarch didn’t stop at financial contributions. Earlier, he led a ministerial committee to create a comprehensive recovery plan for the affected residents. According to this plan, immediate financial aid of MAD 30,000 will be dispensed to families who are most affected. For homes that are partially damaged, families will receive MAD 80,000, and those whose homes have been completely destroyed will get MAD 140,000 for reconstruction.

The catastrophe had a severe impact on rural communities, drawing attention to the frail infrastructure in these areas. The urgency for a thorough relief plan became even more evident after the king’s visit to the King Mohammed VI University Hospital in Marrakech earlier this week. The facility has been a focal point for treating the injured, and the king showed his solidarity by donating blood after visiting patients.

As one of the wealthiest Moroccans, owning nearly half of the multinational bank Attijariwafa with a market value exceeding $4.5 billion, King Mohammed VI is leveraging his financial resources to provide both immediate relief and long-term recovery options for victims of Morocco’s earthquake.

This multi-faceted initiative by King Mohammed VI not only offers immediate financial relief but also aims for a holistic recovery for the victims, signaling a committed effort to rebuild lives and communities shattered by Morocco’s earthquake.

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