Congo Government Dismisses Rumors of Recent Coup Attempt 
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Congo Government Dismisses Rumors of Recent Coup Attempt 

The government of Congo has officially dispelled speculation about an attempted overthrow targeting President Denis Nguesso. Information Minister Thierry Moungalla clarified the situation through a statement shared on the X platform this past Sunday.

Previously, news reports and media stories had circulated, suggesting a coup was in progress in Congo while President Denis Nguesso was abroad at the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

These accounts even implicated the head of the presidential guard as potentially being involved in the purported power grab. Information Minister Thierry Moungalla later dismissed these allegations as baseless rumors.

Prior to Moungalla’s clarification, a flurry of social media activity and certain news sources had been fueling rumors of a coup in Congo, even implying the involvement of the commander of the presidential guard. 

These rumors gained traction as President Denis Nguesso was away, participating in the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In response, the Information Minister took to social media to dispel the myths, affirming that the situation was stable and encouraging citizens to go about their daily lives without worry.

What you should know about President Nguesso

Former military officer, President Denis Nguesso has led Congo since 1997 and was originally involved in the 1968 coup that removed then-President Alphonse Massemaba-Debat from power. This recent rumor of a coup attempt emerges against a backdrop of increasing apprehensions about the state of democracy in Africa, which has witnessed a spate of military takeovers lately.

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