Gov Adeleke Escapes Air Crash in Lagos: Was There a Sabotage?
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Gov Adeleke Escapes Air Crash in Lagos: Was There a Sabotage?

A potentially catastrophic incident was narrowly averted on the 5th of September, 2023, as Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, and his aides survived an air crash. The private jet owned by his elder brother, Adedeji Adeleke caught fire at the take-off point in Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

While the Osun state government is grateful for safety, the Governor’s spokesperson, Rasheed Olawale has alleged a possible sabotage.

This article delves into the events surrounding the near tragedy, examining the circumstances that hint at a deliberate attempt to endanger lives.

Engine tampering spotted by technical crew

One compelling indication of sabotage stems from the careful examination conducted by the technical crew responsible for maintaining the aircraft. The aircraft, described as highly technically equipped and diligently maintained, exhibited early warning signs within minutes of taxiing.

Rasheed said: “The highly technically equipped aircraft was well maintained with the best technical crew and was never an unused platform where birds could build nests. Contrary to the claim by the hanger owner that birds’ nests caused the incident, birds’ nests are made with straws not wires, as in this case.”

These signs strongly suggested engine tampering. The birds’ nests claim further point towards a deliberate act.

Timing of the incident

The critical timing of the incident raises eyebrows. The near-fatal situation occurred less than two minutes after taxiing commenced.

Rasheed wrote: “An early warning noise from the engines immediately prompted the pilots to direct evacuation of the passengers. Everything happened within five minutes.”

This rapid unfolding of events hints at a carefully planned act of sabotage. The deliberate timing, right after the passengers had boarded and before the plane was airborne, raises questions regarding the intention to cause harm.

Ongoing investigations air crash suggest sabotage

The official response and ongoing investigations by both local and international authorities reflect the seriousness of the incident. The preliminary findings from internal investigations suggested sabotage. The fact that this was among the first suspicions further substantiates the possibility of foul play.

The investigation process is currently underway to ascertain the extent of the sabotage and identify the culprits involved. As the investigations unfold, It is pertinent to state that Governor Adeleke and his aides are safe and there was no injury or any outward explosion on the plane.

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