DJ Splash Drops Bombshell Information on Marlian Records
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Entertainment - September 20, 2023

DJ Splash Drops Bombshell Information on Marlian Records 

Aderoju Mathew, popularly known as Dj Splash who previously worked closely with Naira Marley, has rapidly gained attention online after he revealed some jaw-dropping claims about the workings of Marlian Records. The revelations came during an intimate conversation with actress Iyabo Ojo, who visited DJ Splash at his home.

Appearing visibly sick and pale, DJ Splash recounted a harrowing story in a video shared on Iyabo Ojo’s Instagram account. He described a frightening conspiracy that was supposedly led by Naira Marley and his team to poison him due to his aspirations to transition from DJing into a full-fledged music career.

DJ Splash had once lived with Naira Marley while trying to make a name for himself as a disk jockey. Despite his efforts, he found it challenging to make ends meet, relying on a meager income to sustain himself. Because of these financial struggles, he decided to take a significant career turn, he wanted to become a musician in hopes of achieving greater financial stability.

However, his decision was met with vehement opposition from Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Records. DJ Splash claims that after sharing his musical aspirations, Naira Marley and his associates allegedly concocted a plot to poison him, drive him to insanity, and then falsely inform his mother that he had fallen seriously ill.

Upon hearing these disturbing allegations, actress Iyabo Ojo passionately called on law enforcement agencies to act promptly and investigate DJ Splash’s claims thoroughly. She also took the opportunity to extend emotional and financial support to DJ Splash. In her social media post, Iyabo Ojo went as far as to include DJ Splash’s bank account information, urging the public to lend their monetary support to him.

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