5 Untapped Industries that Can Make You Ultra-Rich in Nigeria
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Entrepreneurs - September 21, 2023

5 Untapped Industries that Can Make You Ultra-Rich in Nigeria

In Nigeria, its business arena ignites the hearts of many with dreams of entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Amidst this fierce competition, aspiring entrepreneurs often ignore some industries that hold lots of potential yet untapped, one that promise both profit and minimal rivalry. 

With a staggering population of over 170 million, Nigeria presents a colossal market awaiting exploration by intrepid visionaries. The nation’s economic trajectory foretells continued growth, with a projected annual rate of 6% until 2022. A remarkable facet of Nigeria’s economic tapestry is its robust manufacturing sector, steadily expanding and contributing substantially to the GDP.

This article will highlight some elusive yet promising business prospects nestled in Nigeria’s dynamic economy that have less untapped riches. Let’s dive in.

Waste & sanitation management

In today’s world, waste has become a valuable resource, and the waste and sanitation management sector in Nigeria offers boundless potential. Globally, the collection and recycling of approximately 11 billion tons of waste generate a staggering $410 billion in revenue. For aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria, this presents an opportunity to amass wealth by collecting and recycling waste from households, all while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Awareness of hygiene is on the rise, and people yearn for clean surroundings, yet few are willing to grapple with the task of cleaning up the mess. Recycling waste materials can yield a multitude of products, including plastics, roofing sheets, slippers, and more. You need not personally handle the recycling process, your role can be as simple as finding avenues to deliver the waste to recycling organizations, who will compensate you for your efforts. As urbanization in Nigeria surges, the waste and sanitation management market is poised for exponential growth, offering entrepreneurs a lucrative entry point into this burgeoning industry.

Organic farming business

Nigeria, despite its agrarian roots, has only recently begun to tap into the immense potential of organic farming. While the practice is relatively young, it holds remarkable promise. Across the globe, there is a soaring demand for organic food, presenting a golden opportunity for Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Organic farming is simply cultivating organic vegetables, crops, dairy products, and more. With dedication and quality produce, you might find yourself gracing the covers of business magazines alongside millionaires and billionaires. What makes this endeavor even more appealing is the government’s support, including agricultural grants and subsidies for those willing to venture into the realm of organic farming. So, if you’re ready to embrace the fields and nurture organic goodness, the path to prosperity awaits.

Gold ore production

While Nigeria has been diligently focusing on advancing its mining sector, the spotlight has often been on high-value commodities like diamonds and oil. However, one often-overlooked treasure lies within the realm of base metals and copper. The Nigerian government has been proactive in developing strategies to attract foreign investment in these industries, striving to create a conducive environment for companies to explore and tap into untapped mineral reserves.

These reserves, often overshadowed by the allure of more glamorous resources, hold significant potential for those willing to venture into this less-traveled territory.

Rabbit farming

Amidst the well-trodden paths of agriculture, rabbit farming quietly emerges as a hidden treasure. This often-overlooked venture holds remarkable financial promise. Rabbit farming, overshadowed by more conventional livestock and crops, presents a distinct opportunity. 

What sets rabbit farming apart is its accessibility. In Nigeria, you don’t need vast land or extensive resources. Rabbits are low-maintenance, making them an attractive choice. The business reach extends to major supermarkets,  providing rabbit meat and creating significant employment opportunities. In a world where unconventional paths often lead to substantial rewards, rabbit farming represents hidden wealth within the agricultural industries.

Alternative energy for homes

In Nigeria’s struggle with inadequate power supply, entrepreneurial minds can find a promising avenue in alternative energy solutions for homes. With the average electricity production falling far short of demand, millions of households seek reliable energy sources. Enterprising individuals versed in solar power, biofuels, wind energy, and biomass energy can tap into this unmet need. 

While these untapped ventures may entail substantial initial investments, the potential for long-term profitability is substantial. As Nigeria grapples with its energy woes, those who provide affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy solutions for homes can not only address a critical national need but also cultivate thriving energy industries in the process.

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