5 Biggest Controversies in the Music Industry
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Entertainment - September 22, 2023

5 Biggest Controversies in Nigeria’s Music Industry

Nigeria’s music scene is known worldwide for its cool beats and has brought us big stars. However, aside from the significant impact the music scene is making on the world stage, it also has its share of controversies trailing it. 

This industry has seen numerous controversies that have sparked debates and discussions within the music fraternity and beyond. From high-profile public feuds and contract disputes to issues of copyright infringement. These controversies have not only shaped conversations around the industry’s dynamics but have also highlighted the underlying tensions and challenges that artists face.  In exploring these controversies, let’s delve into some controversies that have gathered attention in the Nigerian musical scene.

Naira Marley and the tragic death of Mohbad

One such recent controversy that shook the foundations of the industry involves Naira Marley, the pioneer of Marlian Music, and the death of Mohbad, his former signee. Their professional journey, once harmonious, met a tumultuous end in 2022 when Mohbad parted ways with Marlian Music amid tensions and public accusations of threats and assault. 

This separation was laden with public outcry and revelations of internal disputes. Mohbad’s subsequent tragic demise in September 2023 further escalated the controversy, with speculations swirling around the circumstances of his death, linking it to their previous confrontations and unresolved issues. This has left fans and industry stakeholders with lingering questions and concerns, spotlighting the underlying challenges and tensions within the music industry. 

Don Jazzy and Olamide Awards dispute

The 2015 Headies Awards unleashed a storm in the Nigerian music industry when a dispute arose between notable industry figures, Don Jazzy and Olamide, over the “Next Rated” award. The award went to Reekado Banks, a protégé of Don Jazzy, triggering discontent from Olamide who staunchly believed his signee, Lil Kesh, was the rightful recipient. 

This disagreement transcended into a heated on-stage exchange, subsequently spilling over to social media, sparking widespread discussions and debates. This incident highlighted the prevalent competitive tensions and the disagreements on accolades and recognitions within the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the narrative of music awards in Nigeria.

Wizkid and Linda Ikeji feud

The Nigerian music industry experienced significant turmoil when a highly publicized feud erupted between music sensation Wizkid and renowned blogger Linda Ikeji in 2016. The animosity was ignited when Ikeji reported on Wizkid’s personal life, including allegations concerning his residence and relationships, leading to a fiery exchange on social media platforms. 

This exchange drew massive public attention and became a topic of widespread discussion. Wizkid’s intense retaliation against Ikeji and her subsequent responses illustrated the clash between personal privacy and public interest in the lives of celebrities, culminating in police intervention to quell the escalating tensions. 

D’banj and Don Jazzy Split

The split between influential music figures D’banj and Don Jazzy marked one of the most significant controversies within the Nigerian music industry. This rupture was not merely a personal disagreement but had substantial repercussions, affecting business operations and leading to their relocation to the Island, leaving other artists in their former residence in Maryland, Lagos. 

The escalating situation overshadowed other artists on the label, diminishing their prominence. This split brought to light the intense internal dynamics and power disparities within music labels, highlighting the challenges and tensions inherent in balancing artistic individuality with collective label identity. 

Burna Boy and Mr 2kay Altercation

Burna Boy found himself in turbulent waters following a robbery incident involving singer Mr. 2Kay, aka Abinye David Jumbo. The incident stemmed from a threat issued by Burna Boy, leading to his declaration as “wanted” by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, following Mr 2Kay’s allegations. The purported threat and subsequent robbery were linked to disagreements over comments made about Nigerian pastors, elevating tensions between the two artists. 

Despite the serious nature of the allegations and ensuing fears, Mr. 2Kay has expressed a preference for peace and an unwillingness to press charges, leaving the matter to police discretion and emphasizing a desire for resolution within the industry.

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