The First Phase of Tony Elumelu's $6 Billion UBA Initiative
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Industry - September 25, 2023

4 Sectors to Benefit from the First Phase of Tony Elumelu’s $6 Billion UBA Initiative

Tony Elumelu’s initiative, a groundbreaking $6 billion financing endeavour, is poised to significantly bolster the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the African continent. 

This ambitious initiative is a strategic collaboration between the United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) secretariat. 

The partnership aims to empower African businesses by providing up to $6 billion in financing to eligible African SMEs over the next three years, focusing initially on four key, import-dependent sectors: Agro-processing, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, and Transport and Logistics.


The agro-processing sector stands to gain immensely from Tony Elumelu’s initiative. This sector is pivotal for the transformation of agricultural products into food, or other forms, such as organic materials. 

The influx of financing can facilitate the acquisition of advanced technologies and the implementation of innovative practices, enhancing productivity and output. 

The agro-processing sector is a lucrative one, with the potential to produce billionaires who can leverage the abundant agricultural resources in Africa. 

The enhancement of this sector can lead to increased food security, job creation, and the development of a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.


The provision of financial solutions and technical expertise can spur the development of local automotive industries, reducing reliance on imports. This sector also has immense potential for wealth creation through the manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Nigerian businessmen like Cosmas Maduka, Innocent Chukwuma, and Emmanuel Ojei are a testament that this sector can produce billions of dollars with the right investment.  

The development of a robust automotive sector can lead to the emergence of billionaires who can innovate and compete on a global scale, contributing to the economic diversification and industrialisation of the African continent.


Tony Elumelu’s initiative can catalyse the development of this sector by facilitating research, development, and the production of essential medicines. 

Access to health care has been an issue of concern on the continent for decades. This initiative can help African businesses provide solutions to the problem. This is why the pharmaceutical industry can yield high returns on investment due to the constant demand for healthcare products and services. 

The growth and development of this sector can produce billionaires who can revolutionise healthcare delivery in Africa, improving access to medicines and contributing to the overall health outcomes of the continent.

Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics sector is integral to the movement of goods and people across the continent. The initiative can enhance this sector by improving infrastructure, logistics services, and connectivity.

A thriving transport and logistics sector is a goldmine for potential billionaires, as it is pivotal for trade, commerce, and the overall economic activity of the region. 

The enhancement of this sector can lead to improved trade routes, reduced transportation costs, and increased efficiency, fostering economic growth and regional integration.

What Tony Elumelu’s initiative means

Tony Elumelu’s initiative emerges as a beacon of hope for African SMEs. The initiative, unveiled by UBA, a pan-African financial services group led by Nigerian tycoon Tony Elumelu, is a testament to the bank’s commitment to fostering economic advancement in Africa. 

The collaboration with AfCFTA is designed to offer technical expertise and financing solutions, encouraging intra-African and domestic alternatives within lucrative sectors, potentially giving rise to a new generation of African billionaires.

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