10 Nigerian Companies with the Highest Salaries
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Entrepreneurs - September 26, 2023

10 Nigerian Companies with the Highest Salaries

When it comes to earning a substantial income in Nigeria, knowing which companies offer the highest salaries is crucial.

The quest for lucrative employment is paramount, and in Nigeria, a myriad of companies are renowned for their generous remuneration. 

Here, we delve into ten companies in Nigeria known for offering their employees competitive, and often, the highest salaries in the country.

Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)

A subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, SPDC is a titan in the Nigerian oil and gas sector, operating predominantly in the Niger Delta region. 

For those aspiring to carve out a career in this industry, SPDC stands out as a premier choice, offering competitive remuneration and a plethora of career opportunities in one of Nigeria’s most lucrative sectors.

Joining Shell can give you the privilege of pursuing a technical career and a non-technical career.

Chevron Nigeria Limited

Another giant in the oil and gas industry, Chevron, an American multinational subsidiary, has been a steadfast employer in Nigeria for over 50 years. 

With its substantial presence in the Niger Delta region, Chevron is renowned for providing its employees with salaries that are among the highest in the industry, making it a sought-after company for career pursuits in the energy sector.

It is important to state that the hiring process at Chevron is tough. Zippia states that the probability of getting hired is only 8 % for most engineering, scientist, or operations specialists.

It also revealed that the typical Chevron Engineer salary, for instance, is $141,568 per year, which is 67% higher than the national average of $70,946 per year.

Total Nigeria Plc

For over 50 years, Total Nigeria Plc has occupied a significant position in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry with an extensive distribution network of over 500 service stations nationwide and a wide range of top-quality energy products and services.

Those with a passion for the energy sector should consider Total Nigeria Plc for its competitive salary packages and diverse career paths within the industry.

For example, a project manager at Total earns around N1,140,000 monthly, while a Financial accountant earns around N500,000 Monthly.

Mobil Producing Nigeria

This subsidiary of ExxonMobil is another colossal entity in the oil and gas sector, offering competitive salaries and operating extensively in the Niger Delta region. 

At Mobil Producing Nigeria a commercial Manager earns around N1,500,000 to N5,800,000 monthly. Civil Engineers and chemist goes home with an average sum of N2,000,000 monthly.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

As a state-owned oil corporation, NNPC holds a significant role in the exploration, production, and distribution of petroleum products in Nigeria. 

Entry-level graduates at NNPC earn between N180,000- N350,000 depending on their job specification and experience.

MTN Nigeria

A subsidiary of the South African multinational telecommunications company, MTN Group, MTN Nigeria is a leader in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. 

Operating in all 36 states in Nigeria for over 20 years, MTN Nigeria is known for offering competitive salaries and a variety of career opportunities in the rapidly evolving telecommunications sector.

Entry-level staff at MTN Nigeria may earn N80,000, while Specialists earn N390,000 and Managerial Personnel receive N775,000.

Nestle Nigeria Plc

Nestle, a subsidiary of the Swiss multinational food and beverage company, has been operating in Nigeria for over 60 years.

As one of the largest food and beverage companies in Nigeria, Nestle pays its Safety Officers around #700,000 monthly, while Channel Development Managers earn around #650,000 monthly, and Regional Sales Managers earn around #500,000 Monthly.

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc also offers competitive salaries and operates in all 36 states in Nigeria. Those interested in a career in the food industry will find Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc an attractive option, with a wide range of food products including flour, pasta, and noodles.

Reports say the Average salary of workers per month is N168,000.

Nigerian Breweries Plc

A subsidiary of Heineken N.V., Nigerian Breweries is the largest brewery in Nigeria, producing a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

A customer Service Adviser at Nigerian Breweries earns around 396,000 monthly while a Supervisor earns around #380,000 monthly.

Dangote Group

Owned by Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa, the Dangote Group is a Nigerian conglomerate involved in a wide range of industries including cement, sugar, salt, and flour.

Data collated by 180 employees from Dangote Group revealed that the average salary for Dangote Group is N240,543. The roles include Account Officer, Accountant, Administrator and Project Manager, Administration/Secretarial Officer, Administrative Assistant, Area Manager etc.

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