7 Businesses to Make You a Multi-Millionaire with Low Investment
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Entrepreneurs - September 28, 2023

7 Underrated Businesses to Make You a Multi-Millionaire with Low Investment

In a world teeming with entrepreneurial spirits, the dream to become a multi-millionaire with low investment is a common aspiration. The journey to substantial wealth often seems paved with high stakes and immense capital, leaving many feeling the pinch of limitations. 

However, the business landscape is vast, and hidden within are gems of opportunities that are often overlooked, yet hold the potential to transform one’s financial trajectory significantly. 

These underrated businesses, seemingly modest, can be the golden tickets to achieving millionaire status for those who are resourceful, diligent, and ready to venture into the less-trodden paths of the entrepreneurial world.

In this article, we delve into such businesses that are not only low in investment but are also rich in potential, offering a beacon of hope to those who yearn to build substantial wealth without breaking the bank.

Recycling Plastic Bottles

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, less than 10% of plastic waste generated in Nigeria is recycled, with the majority of the waste ending up in landfills or water bodies. 

This menace however is a lucrative business idea that can make you a multi-millionaire with low investment. You can begin by identifying local sources of plastic waste, such as households, schools, or local businesses, where you can collect recyclable plastics. 

Create partnerships with these sources to ensure a steady supply. Next, set up a basic sorting and cleaning area with essential equipment like scales, sorting bins, and cleaning tools.

Start small and gradually scale up as you accumulate funds from selling recycled plastics.  Also, engage with local recycling facilities or manufacturers who buy recycled plastics and build strong relationships with them to secure a consistent market. 

Stay persistent, adapt, and innovate as you progress on this eco-friendly and potentially lucrative journey.

Packaging of Agriproducts

Venturing into the packaging of agriproducts can be a multi-millionaire business. Start by identifying local farmers or agribusinesses in need of packaging services. 

Offer innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that add value to their products. Establishing a network with suppliers and maintaining quality services will be crucial in building a successful venture in this sector.

Make & Sell Black Soap

Creating and selling black soap offers a path to becoming a multi-millionaire with low investment. You have to begin by learning the craft, sourcing quality ingredients locally, and offering unique formulations. 

Go ahead to market your products online and locally, focusing on the benefits of black soap. 

Consistency in quality and customer service is key to building a loyal customer base in this sector. Once you have your loyal customer base, you can be sure that your millions are on the way.

Small Chops

Small chops include spring Rolls, baby puff puffs, Samosas, chicken kebab, coconut candy, mini doughnuts, stick meat, Peppered Gizzards/Snails, Gizdodo, Mini sausage Rolls, Mini fish rolls and a lot more.

You can decide to start with just puff puff, samosas and stick meat. This does not require too much money. After that, perfect your recipes, and offer unique and delicious options. 

Utilize social media for marketing and start by catering to small events, gradually expanding your services as you gain recognition.

Uche Ukonu, the founder and CEO of Smallchopsng, made N100 million in revenue from Small Chops. He said, “What started as me craving small chops on demand, turned into me owning a small market share in Nigeria’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.” 

Educational content creation

To get started, identify subjects or skills in demand and create high-quality, engaging content. Are you a scriptwriter who can write novels or a Christian writer who has discovered some secrets in your niche? Go ahead and write your book.

You can publish your book on Selar, Kobocourse, Thinkific, Kachabi, Teachable, etc.

Utilize online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach a wider audience and offer valuable insights. 

Don’t just be a one-off person, be consistent and innovative. 

Poultry Farming

With low investment, you can get a small number of birds. Once this is done, focus on proper care and management. 

Gradually expand your flock as you gain experience and profits. 

Endeavour to market your poultry products locally and prioritise hygiene to build a successful poultry farming business.

Mobile Car Wash Services

Offering mobile car wash services is a flexible way to become a multi-millionaire with low investment. Identify areas with a high density of vehicles and offer convenient and quality services. 

Utilize social media for promotions and focus on building long-term relationships with your clients. 

Ensure that you show up promptly and deliver efficiently.

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