7 Powerful Shortcuts in Life: Go from Zero to Hero
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Entrepreneurs - September 29, 2023

7 Powerful Shortcuts in Life: Go from Zero to Hero

In a nation brimming with boundless potential and vibrant energy like Nigeria, many aspire to climb the ladder of success and become heroes in their respective fields. 

However, the journey is often marred by various challenges and distractions, leading many to seek shortcuts in life to expedite their rise to prominence.

From the bustling streets of Lagos to the serene landscapes of Abuja, the quest for success is a common thread weaving through the fabric of our society. 

This article delves into some powerful shortcuts life offers to transition from zero to hero, particularly focusing on the Nigerian context where the pursuit of success is a relentless and ubiquitous endeavour.

Abide by the rules

Drawing from thousands of years of documented humanity, the principles of success remain largely unchanged. 

Whether it’s the bustling markets of ancient Greece or the modern-day business hubs of Lagos, the foundational rules and best practices are the recipes for success.

In Nigeria, where innovation is highly valued, it’s tempting to reinvent the wheel, but leveraging the hard work and proven strategies of others can make your journey smoother and more efficient.

Don’t kill yourself

The Nigerian hustle is relentless, but it’s crucial to know your limits. Overextending oneself can lead to burnout and diminish the quality of one’s work.

We know you have been told to work hard because that’s the only way to be successful. While that is true, we advise you to take it easy on yourself.

Maintain a balance, prioritize well-being, and avoid unnecessary risks. Don’t be pressured to take risks with the hope of quick gains. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes.

In a country where resources can be limited, safeguarding them and avoiding unnecessary losses can free up mental space and lead to long-term success.

Stay Simple

The world we live in is obsessed with complexity, but simplicity often prevails. 

Successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria often run very simple businesses, delivering consistent value with easy-to-understand and managed models. 

These billionaires have over the years learnt how to keep their lives simple. Staying simple helps you stay sane and safe.

Strip out the unnecessary details, and keep goals, plans and actions straightforward.

Have a community of like-minded people

The old adage that says, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,” highlights the importance of building a community of individuals with shared goals and aspirations.

Having a community that provides support, shares knowledge, and offers valuable feedback, can significantly accelerate your journey to success in Nigeria. 

This community can also make the road to success less bumpy and more enjoyable.

Identify your mentor

Identifying a mentor who has walked the path you aspire to tread is a powerful shortcut. Locate a mentor who is accessible.

Ensure that your mentor resonates with your values, goals, and working style. This can transform your journey.

It’s not about finding a teacher but discovering a partner who understands and supports your unique vision and approach.

In Nigeria, where the terrain can be tough to navigate, having a mentor can offer clarity, direction, and support, helping you avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions.

Confidently make tough decisions

The journey from zero to hero is laden with difficult choices. From choosing the course you will study to picking the career path you will follow. These decisions keep getting tough as the nation’s economy continues to dwindle.

Making tough decisions with confidence can set the trajectory for success in Nigeria. It’s about assessing situations accurately, weighing the options, and taking decisive actions even when the path is uncertain.

Implement feedback

Some feedback can be unpleasant no doubt, but for you to make progress, you need to learn to adapt.

Receiving and implementing feedback quickly can lead to continuous improvement and innovation.

Learn to refine your approach, learn from mistakes, and constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the environment.

Remember that shortcuts are not about circumventing the hard work but optimizing the path to success by sticking to the above-listed principles.

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