Why is 54Gene Shutting Down After Raising $45M in 2 Years?
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Startup - September 29, 2023

Why is 54Gene Shutting Down After Raising $45M in 2 Years?

The sudden shutdown of 54Gene has created quite a stir and lots of talks in the health tech world, especially for companies and start-ups in Africa. 54Gene started with big, promising ideas, aiming to change the way we study genetics in Africa. Founded in 2019, 54Gene sought to change the paradigm in global pharmaceutical research by focusing on the genomics of Africans, a demographic significantly underrepresented in genomics research. 

Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong and his team initiated this venture to address the stark imbalance, given Africa’s less than 3% contribution to genetic material utilized in global pharmaceutical studies. 54Gene, the heralded African genomics firm, began with a lofty vision to bridge the prominent genomics research disparity between Africa and the global sphere. 

Despite amassing an impressive $45 million in funding within two years and carving a niche in a burgeoning sector, the firm is currently on a downward spiral, entangled in controversies, internal strife, and legal complications. Let’s take a look at why 54Gene is shutting down.

54Gene’s journey was marred by abrupt leadership changes

54Gene quickly became a beacon of success, acquiring substantial funds and establishing advanced research facilities. The firm even diversified into diagnostics, notably through the initiation of Seven River Labs, thereby capitalizing on its successful engagement in COVID testing and securing around $20 million in revenue.

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However, the promising journey was marred by abrupt leadership changes and internal discord, which were pivotal in 54Gene’s undoing. The dramatic departure of Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong marked the onset of a series of leadership transitions, plunging the company into a cycle of escalating conflicts and unresolved internal issues. His successor, Teresia Bost, leveled serious accusations, including discrimination, a hostile work environment, and financial impropriety, sparking legal battles that further destabilized the organization.

Financial mismanagement led 54Gene to a state of operational paralysis

The allegations of financial mismanagement coupled with the legal entanglements led 54Gene to a state of operational paralysis and eventual shutdown. The company, grappling with financial insolvency, ceased its operations, a decision officially announced by the final CEO, Ron Chiarello. The process of winding down has been fraught with ongoing legal disputes, pending debts, and the impending sale of the company’s assets, including its invaluable biobank.

Inability to sustain investment from funding

“Impact investing is not the same as charity” – Abasi Ene- Obong, Founder/CEO, 54gene

Another reason for 54Gene shutting down is a lack of sustained investment. The news whose hypothetical closure sends shockwaves throughout the health tech sector, initiating debates about the sustainability of investments in this domain. The potential closure would also raise crucial questions about the long-term viability and governance of startups in the African health tech landscape, prompting stakeholders to scrutinize the operational, managerial, and financial aspects of companies in this sector more closely.

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