My Husband Isn't a Magician: Nigerian First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, Unveils Inherited Burdens
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News - October 2, 2023

My Husband Isn’t a Magician: Nigerian First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, Unveils Inherited Burdens

During her remarks at the interdenominational church service to commemorate Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary in Abuja, the First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, emphasized that her husband, President Bola Tinubu, should not be seen as a magician. 

She reiterated that his administration is dedicated to working diligently to address the challenges facing the country.

Oluremi says the new administration inherited burdens

Mrs. Tinubu acknowledged that the Tinubu administration inherited the existing situation but is determined to make necessary improvements without assigning blame to any previous administration.

The First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, reiterated her husband’s commitment to repairing the damage done to the country. She emphasized that President Bola Tinubu is not a magician but is dedicated to working diligently. She expressed her belief and hope that peace will prevail in the country, and she anticipates better days ahead.

Mrs. Tinubu stressed the importance of good governance and highlighted the need for people to follow the example of Jesus Christ, embodying virtues such as love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, and forgiveness. 

Oluremi urged Nigerians to embrace hope

She stated that a Nigeria of abundance has already begun, and to be part of this greatness, Nigerians should look beyond their current challenges and embrace hope anew.

She also called upon Nigerians to celebrate the unity that defines the nation’s diversity and reminded them that no challenge is insurmountable if they embrace the nature of Christ, who offers rest to those burdened and encourages them to keep their hope alive in times like these.

The First Lady also provided assurance to Nigerians that her husband had engaged in extensive consultations with the international community and investors to revitalize and reposition the country.

President of NBC urged the government to fulfill promises to Nigerians

Earlier, the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Israel Akanji, who served as the guest preacher, offered assurance to Nigerians that they could overcome the multitude of challenges confronting the nation. 

He expressed appreciation to Mr. Tinubu for his Independence Anniversary address to the nation. However, the cleric also appealed to him and other branches of government to diligently fulfill the promises made to the Nigerian people.

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