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Brands - October 5, 2023

Introducing a Breakthrough in Cooling Innovation: The 360-degree Orbit Ceiling Fan

We are excited to unveil a game-changer in the world of home cooling solutions, the 360-degree Orbit Ceiling Fan. This remarkable product redefines the way we experience comfort, setting a new standard in functionality and style for ceiling fans.

The Binatone 360-degree Orbit Ceiling Fan is a remarkable technology and elegant design. With its sleek, modern look, it seamlessly integrates into any small room, office, and shop, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. What truly sets this ceiling fan apart is its ability to circulate air in all directions, providing a 360-degree breeze that ensures every corner of the room has cool air.

Key Features of the 360-Degree Orbit Ceiling Fan:

360-Degree Airflow: Unlike conventional ceiling fans that circulate air in a single direction, the 360-Degree Orbit Ceiling Fan’s unique design spreads refreshing airflow throughout the entire room, eliminating hot spots and ensuring consistent comfort.

Silent Operation: Engineered for peace and tranquility, this fan operates whisper-quiet, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and even office spaces where noise disruptions are undesirable.

Energy Efficiency: The 360-degree Orbit Ceiling Fan is designed with energy conservation in mind, allowing you to stay comfortable while reducing your electric unit consumption.

Easy Installation: Our ceiling fan is designed for hassle-free installation, with clear instructions provided, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits in no time. The Orbit Ceiling fan, featuring a protective front grill, is designed for ceiling mounting, making it an ideal choice for small offices, shops, and compact rooms. It offers the advantages of both rotational cooling and enhanced safety.

All Binatone products come with 2 years warranty offering peace of mind. Click here to find out more about the Binatone Fans and other products.

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