Atiku and Keyamo Engage in Verbal Spat Over Tinubu's Chicago Certificate 
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News - October 9, 2023

Atiku and Keyamo Engage in Verbal Spat Over Tinubu’s Chicago Certificate 

The controversy surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s Chicago State University (CSU) certificate, which escalated following the deposition of his academic records in a United States court, continues. Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has accused President Tinubu of distorting the CSU deposition, alleging an intentional effort to confuse the public.

Atiku, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 presidential election, released a statement through his media aide, Paul Ibe, criticizing some media aides to the president for attempting to manipulate the narrative. 

He argued that President Tinubu submitted a falsified document to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and swore an affidavit to support this forgery.

According to Atiku, the deposition contains evidence that raises questions about the authenticity of President Tinubu’s academic qualifications. 

He pointed to discrepancies in the documents submitted, such as an anticipatory certification from Government College Lagos, which was not in existence when President Tinubu claimed to have received it.

In response to Atiku’s allegations, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, took to Twitter, asserting that the Supreme Court would likely find President Tinubu not guilty of certificate forgery. Keyamo argued that unless the vendor who issued the replacement certificate to President Tinubu denies its authenticity, there is no substantial case against him.

Keyemo responds to Atiku and Tinubu’s controversy

Additionally, Atiku’s Special Assistant on Public Communication, Phrank Shaibu, alleged that President Tinubu’s administration is planning to suppress the media ahead of the release of FBI records related to his investigations in the U.S. 

Shaibu emphasized that now is not the moment for the Nigerian media to display any vulnerability. He underlined that the extensive collection of documents scheduled for release by the FBI this month would unveil the intricacies of the investigation into Tinubu.

He claimed that the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) had become partisan and was seeking to silence the media in response to the CSU scandal. Shaibu stressed the importance of the media fulfilling its role as a watchdog in society to disseminate crucial information, particularly regarding the FBI’s forthcoming revelations.

The ongoing dispute over President Tinubu’s academic credentials, Atiku’s accusations of forgery, and the media’s role in reporting on the matter continue to be subjects of significant contention and scrutiny.

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