Israel-Hamas War: Israel Reports 2,600 Terrorist Targets Struck, Gaza's Health Services in Critical State
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News - October 12, 2023

Israel-Hamas War: Israel Reports 2,600 Terrorist Targets Struck, Gaza’s Health Services in Critical State

According to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, the Palestinian health authorities said the health services in the Gaza Strip have reached a critical stage. The Israeli Defense Forces, in their daily update, reported that they have targeted 2,600 terrorist targets within the Gaza Strip, which includes the Islamic University, reportedly being used by Hamas militants as a training facility.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the opposition leader, Benny Gantz, have come to an agreement to establish an emergency government. Their aim is to reinforce the decision-making process regarding security matters while the conflict with Hamas continues.

Amid an ongoing complete siege by Israel, the sole operational power plant in the Gaza Strip has depleted its fuel reserves. Israel has ceased sending its own supplies to the region, affecting the livelihood of over two million inhabitants.

As missiles continue to rain down and hostilities persist into the fifth day on Wednesday, the death toll is mounting both in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military has announced the gathering of troops near the Gaza Strip as a response to a fierce, multipronged attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas over the weekend.

The United States, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s scheduled arrival in Israel on Thursday, is in discussions with Egypt about establishing a potential humanitarian corridor from the Gaza Strip. This move comes in response to United Nations concerns about harm to civilians. The Hamas terrorist offensive on Saturday also targeted civilian sites, including a music festival.

In a ripple effect in the financial arena, a senior Russian official has cautioned that the Israeli crisis could impact the oil markets. Crude oil prices are typically sensitive to political instability in the Middle East, which is a major hub for global oil production.

As a consequence of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, the casualty toll has risen, with at least 1,200 Israelis losing their lives and over 2,700 individuals sustaining injuries. Meanwhile, approximately 950 people in Gaza have lost their lives, with 5,000 others injured.

The Palestinian Health Ministry documented operating at full capacity

They reported shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and fuel, with hospitals operating at full capacity. The spokesperson attributed this strain to the escalating Israeli aggression, resulting in injured patients lying on the ground.

The ministry issued a warning, emphasizing the need for immediate action to establish a secure corridor for medical provisions and urged the evacuation of wounded patients before it becomes too late.

According to Egyptian security sources, Egypt is said to be engaged in discussions with the United States about offering assistance to Palestinians via the Egyptian border with Gaza with the increasing Isreal-Haram war. However, efforts to establish a secure route for Palestinian enclave refugees have encountered resistance.

IDF announces terrorist targets

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces announced that they have targeted 2,600 “terrorist targets” in the Gaza Strip linked to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. This comes as 169 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives in combat.

Notable among the targets struck by Israeli fighter jets in Gaza is the Islamic University, which the IDF claims was utilized by Hamas militants as a training facility for military intelligence operatives and for the research, development, and production of weapons.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have affirmed their commitment to prioritizing the targeting of senior Hamas leaders in Gaza. This follows the recent strikes on Hamas’ minister of economy and the head of its internal relations office, as outlined in their daily update.

Additionally, the IDF has verified the identities of 60 Israelis among the numerous hostages currently held in Gaza.

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