93 Unexploded Bombs Discovered 21 Years After Ikeja Blast 
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News - October 13, 2023

93 Unexploded Bombs Discovered 21 Years After Ikeja Blast 

In the course of their ongoing operation known as ‘Exercise Clean Sweep,’ the Nigerian Army has successfully retrieved 93 unexploded ordnances, commonly referred to as bombs, at the Ikeja Military Cantonment in Lagos. This operation was initiated by the Army in response to the 2002 bomb blast that occurred within the cantonment.

Despite prior clearance and disposal operations, residual unexploded ordnances have been found both within and in the vicinity of the site of the past bomb blast. This has raised concerns regarding safety and security for the residents of the Cantonment and the surrounding areas.

93 bombs have been recovered so far

Colonel Abdulrazaq Kazeem, who serves as the director of the Directorate of Explosives Search and Disposal in the Nigeria Army Engineers, and also acts as the coordinator for ‘Exercise Clean Sweep,’ revealed during the inaugural briefing of the exercise in Lagos that the discovered bombs exhibit diverse calibers and descriptions.

He said, “We have so far recovered 93 ordnances of different calibers. So at 93, we are not yet up to the explosives, we measure it in kilograms, so once we get to that particular explosive limit, then we’ll move to the range.”

The exercise ensured safety precautions

In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Oluseyi Bamikole, the safety officer, emphasized that the operation had prioritized safety. They have provided sufficient equipment, demarcation measures, and well-trained personnel to detect unexploded ordnances (UXOs) before recovery. 

This meticulous approach underscores the mission’s commitment to safeguarding all individuals involved in this vital operation.

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