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News - October 16, 2023

Lagos Blue Line: A Leap Towards Electric Rail Evolution

Lagos proudly steps into the future as its Blue Line rail system goes completely electric, bridging the distance from Marina to Mile 2. Abimbola Akinajo, the helm at the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), shared this advancement with the public on Sunday.

The Blue Line’s transition to electric underwent its final test on Saturday. This pivotal moment saw collaboration between the train service operators, industry consultants, and the established rail infrastructure entity, CCECC.

A jubilant Akinajo said that Lagos’s electric Blue Line rail achievement crafts a pioneering pathway for other African cities to emulate.

Starting 16 October 2023, the electrically-powered train sets on the Blue Line are geared to streamline 54 services, with a consistent 30-minute gap. This modification aims to diminish the familiar commuter scramble during boarding.

In a safety advisory, Akinajo stresses to Lagos’s residents the importance of refraining from wandering onto the tracks, now that they’re electrified, emphasising the life-threatening dangers it poses.

Assuring passengers of a secure commute, the electric Blue Line rail is equipped with over 300 CCTV cameras, dotted along its route and within the stations, set to swiftly spot and address any anomalies.

Safety Measures Amplified as Lagos’ Blue Line Rail Embraces Electrification

Following the electrification of the distinguished Blue Line rail system in Lagos, which connects Marina to Mile 2, Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo, the Managing Director of the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), has expressed strong concerns. She underscored the heightened risk of electrocution for those inadvertently straying onto the tracks.

Mrs. Akinajo’s comments came in the wake of the successful electric test run, which she participated in alongside other LAMATA dignitaries, the Marina to Mile 2 train services team, industry consultants, rail infrastructure specialists from Messrs. CCECC, and several journalists. The electrified journey, covering the stretch from Marina to Mile 2, was accomplished in under an hour.

Detailing the imminent plans for the Blue Line, Mrs. Akinajo indicated that the two dedicated train sets would manage 54 runs at intervals of 30 minutes. This scheduling intends to mitigate the habitual commuter dash during boarding times.

She made a pressing plea to the residents of Lagos who frequent the train’s corridor, urging them to remain cautious and avoid wandering onto the electrified tracks. Reinforcing the severity of her message, she reiterated that trespassing can have lethal consequences due to electrocution.

Furthermore, with an emphasis on commuter safety, Mrs. Akinajo provided assurance that over 300 CCTV cameras are vigilantly positioned along the route and within stations. This advanced surveillance system has been implemented to promptly identify and address any breaches or issues.

Conclusively, the decision to electrify the Blue Line rail system stands as a progressive move for Lagos, promising enhanced efficiency and dependability in the train service. However, the pressing need remains for Lagosians to recognise and respect the inherent dangers of encroaching onto the electrified tracks.

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