The Sad Story of Brutal Lagos Crash Killed Three 
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News - October 16, 2023

The Sad Story of Brutal Lagos Crash Killed Three 

One of the passengers who survived a crash involving a commercial bus and a truck in Lagos, Arigbabu Samuel, recounted how he narrowly escaped death. It was reported that three persons died instantly, and 15 others sustained injuries in the accident that took place at Gbagada, near Charlie Boy Bus Stop on Saturday night.

The confirmation of the crash in Lagos State was provided in a statement issued by the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu. According to LASEMA, the incident involved a white 18-passenger commercial bus bearing the registration number JJJ-844YA, which lost control and collided with a moving truck.

How LASEMA reacted to the situation

The statement says that In response to a distress call received at 10.01 p.m. through the agency’s toll-free lines, LASEMA activated the Lagos State Emergency Response Plans, with their arrival time noted at 10.17 p.m. Upon reaching the scene, LASEMA’s LRT team observed that a white commercial bus had lost control and collided with a moving truck. The 18-passenger commercial bus, bearing the number plate JJJ-844YA and fully occupied, was en route from Oshodi to Ajah.

Tragically, the bus lost control during its journey, striking the moving truck from behind, resulting in the immediate loss of three lives – two adult males and one adult female. 

Additionally, several other individuals suffered varying degrees and types of injuries.

Eye witness recounts the Lagos crash

During an interview on Saturday, Arigbabu, who mentioned that he had boarded the commercial bus from Oshodi on his way to work on the island, described the unexpected moment when he found himself outside the bus following the crash.

Arigbabu shared his firsthand account of the incident, explaining that he was a passenger inside the bus at the time of the crash. The bus is currently held at the Gbagada police station. Arigbabu noted that he was the last person to board the bus, and he was seated near the door.

According to his description, the bus collided with the trailer from behind, and he felt a sudden force that pushed him out of the bus. Remarkably, he was the first person to exit the vehicle, and he sustained only minor injuries, with scratches on his legs and shoulders.

Tragically, there is another individual who is currently hospitalized, having lost one of his legs as a result of the accident.

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