7 Things Keeping You from Growing in Life
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Entrepreneurs - October 17, 2023

7 Things Keeping You from Growing in Life

In the heart of Nigeria, where the hustle is real and the streets never sleep, growing in every phase of life is a journey many embark upon but few truly master. 

While the vibrant culture and resilient spirit of Nigerians are commendable, there are certain habits and mindsets that can hinder one’s growth.

Here, we delve into seven things that might be holding you back from growing in life.

Trying to Please Others

In a society where communal values are strong, it’s easy to fall into the trap of living to meet others’ expectations. 

But remember, while it’s essential to respect and value others’ opinions, your journey is uniquely yours. Living solely to please others can divert you from your true path and passion.

Your journey is unique. While getting tips and opinions from others can be helpful, it’s you who should be the one behind the wheel.

Complaining Too Much

It’s a common sight in Nigerian markets and bus stops: people lamenting about the heat, the government, or the economy. 

While it’s natural to vent, excessive complaining without taking action can trap you in a cycle of negativity, preventing growth.

Action leads to change, not whining. Stop complaining, start acting.

Entertaining Negativity

From the local gossip at the hair salon to the naysayers who doubt your dreams, negativity is everywhere. 

But to grow, one must learn to filter out the noise and focus on the positive. Remember, a positive mindset is your ace in personal growth.

Negativity is a cloud over your judgment. Cultivate positivity in your thoughts and actions.

Staying with Toxic People

Relationships play a significant role in our lives. However, surrounding yourself with toxic individuals can drain your energy and hinder your growth. 

Choose to be around those who uplift and inspire you.

In the company of toxic individuals, you may find yourself constantly drained. Choose relationships that recharge and fuel your drive to fulfil your purpose.

Living Irresponsibly

Whether it’s spending recklessly or neglecting one’s health, irresponsible living can have long-term consequences. 

Embrace responsibility in all facets of life, from finances to personal well-being.

Take responsibility for your actions, both positive and negative, that’s how to grow in life.

Lack of Discipline

From the bustling streets of Lagos to the serene landscapes of Jos, discipline is the key to success. 

Without it, dreams remain just that – dreams. Cultivate discipline in your daily routines and watch as your goals turn into reality.

Discipline helps you overcome all obstacles or temptations. It’s the foundation for progress.

Being Too Comfortable

While the comfort of familiarity is enticing, growth often happens outside one’s comfort zone. 

Embrace challenges, take calculated risks, and venture into the unknown. After all, as Nigerians often say, “No venture, no success.”

Embrace challenges, because they are the situations in which real growth occurs. Push your boundaries and discover the immense potential that lies beyond.

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