Akpabio Rebuts Claims by Senator Abbo of Being the Force Behind His Removal 
Home News Akpabio Rebuts Claims by Senator Abbo of Being the Force Behind His Removal 
News - October 17, 2023

Akpabio Rebuts Claims by Senator Abbo of Being the Force Behind His Removal 

The Court of Appeal in Abuja On Monday invalidated the election of Senator Elisha Abbo, who was representing the Adamawa North Senatorial District. Senator Godswill Akpabio was blamed by Abbo when he spoke to journalists at his Abuja residence after being informed of his removal. Abbo held Senator Akpabio responsible for his fate.

He claimed that Akpabio played a role in the unfavorable court ruling against him. Abbo went on to suggest that the Senate President had a list of four other senators targeted for removal through legal means.

Abbo alleged that he had credible information from a highly placed source indicating that he and four other senators from the ruling All Progressives Congress would face removal from the Senate through legal proceedings. These actions were purportedly due to their opposition to Akpabio’s bid to become the President of the 10th Senate. He refrained from disclosing the identities of the other targeted senators, but he indicated that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu was next in line.

Abbo insists on winning the election

Disputing the court’s decision, Abbo firmly maintained that it was inconceivable for the PDP candidate to have won the election against him. He asserted his own popularity, noting that he had secured an 11,000-vote margin of victory over the PDP candidate.

Abbo expressed his concerns about the court ruling, deeming it unusual and emphasizing the importance of the judiciary as the ultimate hope for ordinary citizens.

He added, “For President Bola Tinubu, I must declare that this is not the democracy he fought for and should please lead in protecting it.”  Nonetheless, he urged his supporters to maintain composure, assuring them that he intends to make a return to the Senate in 2027.

What you should know about the court ruling

The Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the candidate from the Peoples Democratic Party, Amos Yohanna, declaring him the victor of the senatorial election that took place on February 25. Yohanna had submitted a petition to the tribunal in Yola, contesting the victory of Elisha Abbo, who had run under the All Progressives Congress banner. Yohanna’s argument was that Abbo did not secure the majority of valid votes. 

He further asserted that the election was marred by irregularities, including false entries, vote alterations, and cancellations at various polling stations. In its Monday verdict, the appellate court endorsed Yohanna’s argument and voided Abbo’s election. It’s important to note that the Court of Appeal serves as the ultimate authority for resolving disputes arising from senatorial election cases.

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