Moyo Lawal Breaks Silence on Leaked Sex Tape
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News - October 17, 2023

Moyo Lawal Breaks Silence on Leaked Sex Tape

Nollywood actress and producer, Moyo Lawal, recently faced a breach of privacy when a personal video involving her was leaked online. The incident, which occurred in September, drew significant attention and raised concerns about the violation of personal boundaries.

Moyo Lawal, known for her contributions to the Nigerian film industry, found herself in the spotlight for unintended reasons when an intimate video of hers was shared without her consent. The video, which featured a man she identified as her former fiancé, was never meant for public viewing.

In a statement, Lawal clarified, “The video was a private moment with my then-fiancé. Its release without my approval is a clear invasion of my privacy.”

Recently, on the 15th of October, Lawal took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the incident. 

Moyo gives reason for filming intimate moments with her partner

The Nollywood actress said, “One thing… I can tell you for a fact however that things are never what they seem to be. I only had xxx twice last year, one of those times is the video.”

“That I agreed to because he started recording after the fact, he doesn’t live in Nigeria, but he put in a lot of work winning my trust over the years and I mean a lot. So much so, that we were already working towards a house, marriage, and all. That is why I had to break up with him last year when I started having communication challenges with him because I put my entire life on pause with any man I am dating.”

She further addressed speculations, stating, “For those who believed I released the video for attention, I remained silent to avoid further controversies.”

Moyo Lawal remains unshaken

Concluding her post, Lawal displayed resilience, saying, “Despite attempts to tarnish my reputation, I remain steadfast and continue to thrive. My faith is unshaken.”

Speaking further, Moyo said, “They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and changes you. I pray I become carefree and outgoing because doing life the right way has shown my enemies shege.

“Whoever orchestrated this move to drive my enemy insane and end my career, I just said to tell you, I haven’t lost my faith; I am still standing, striving, thriving, and well taken care of.”

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