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News - October 19, 2023

Nollywood Star John Okafor (Mr Ibu) Reveals He Could Lose Leg to Strange Illness

Nollywood actor and comedian John Okafor, best known as Mr Ibu, has called for prayers and financial assistance from his fans.

In a viral Instagram video, the comic actor solicited the prayers and financial assistance of his fans.

Okafor explained that he had been hospitalised for two weeks because of “a strange and dangerous illness”.

In an Instagram post, John Okafor wrote, “Dear Good people of Nigerian, we are counting on your support at this point we need it the most Access Bank 1685687982 John Ikechukwu Okafor”

What John Okafor said in the Instagram Video

Mr Ibu, who lay on the hospital bed in the company of his wife and daughter, said, “ As I speak to you, I am still lying down in the hospital; the medical director of this hospital said that the best solution is that, in case his new idea didn’t work, the best idea is to cut off my leg.

“Just see me, if they cut off my leg, where do I go from here? Please pray for me, talk to God Almighty, and I don’t want my legs to be cut off. Thank you so much. God bless you.”

Confirming the development, His daughter Jasmine Okafor, in a post on Instagram, said her father has been in the health facility for two weeks.

Ibu’s daughter calls on individuals and organisations for help

She said, “As a family, we want to appeal that at this point, people should come to Daddy’s aid and rescue; for the past two weeks, Daddy has been very down, so we took him to the hospital. I have been sorting the bills, thinking I can do it alone. We have been doing everything humanly possible; as a family, we felt it was something we could do on our own for him to be fine, but he is not getting any better.”

Jasmine Okafor also added, “He is not getting better; some days, it seems as if he is getting better; some days, it seems like it is getting worse. We are at one of the best private medical facilities in Lagos, and they want to refer us to another hospital because he is not getting better here.”

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