Mohbad's Father Insists on Being Present for Grandson's DNA Test
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News - October 20, 2023

Mohbad’s Father Insists on Being Present for Grandson’s DNA Test

In a recent turn of events, Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late renowned Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, widely recognized as Mohbad, has firmly stated his intention to be present during the DNA test of his grandson, Liam.

The need for a DNA test to confirm the paternity of Liam has been a topic of significant debate among Nigerians. Rumours and speculations have been rife, questioning the true lineage of the late singer’s son.

Mohbad’s Father Speaks Out

In an exclusive interview with Stams TV, Mr Aloba highlighted the national significance of Mohbad’s DNA test. Addressing the whispers that a DNA test might have already been conducted, he clarified that no such test would be valid without his explicit consent.

Mr. Aloba isn’t just insisting on his presence. He’s taking a step further by suggesting that the DNA test be conducted in two distinct hospitals. This, he believes, would ensure the utmost accuracy and credibility of the results.

Emotional Ties and Cultural Significance

Speaking from the heart, Mr Aloba expressed his deep desire for Liam to be genuinely Mohbad’s son, recalling the touching moment when Mohbad introduced him to Liam. He said, “Three days before his death, I was with him he even served me food and he put Liam on my hands and he was taking pictures.

“So I’ll be very happy if Liam is Mohbad’s son because I love the child. But if it turns out that Liam is not his son, it won’t be good if we don’t find out now because of the future so that even late Mohbad shouldn’t be blaming me that I accepted something like this. So the DNA is very necessary.”

However, he also emphasized the cultural implications, noting that in his hometown of Ikere Ekiti, the acceptance of a child’s lineage is of paramount importance.

The DNA test for Mohbad’s son has become more than just a personal matter; it’s a topic of national interest. While Mr Aloba hopes for a positive outcome, he stresses the importance of truth and clarity for the sake of the future and in honour of his late son’s memory.

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