SA Music Star Tyla Expresses Her Desire for a Date with Rema
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News - October 20, 2023

SA Music Star Tyla Expresses Her Desire for a Date with Rema

South African singing sensation, Tyla Laura Seethal, popularly known as Tyla, recently revealed her wish to go on a date with Nigerian Afrobeats star, Rema. 

The revelation came during her interview with Apple Music, where she was candidly asked about her celebrity “prom” date choice.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Tyla named Rema as her ideal date. She reminisced, “Rema would be cute. I met him last year, and we even took photos together. It was quite the spectacle.” 

She further added, “After that, I realised how easily things can be misconstrued in the limelight. It almost looked like we were an item. But in reality, we’re just friends.”

Tyla’s Rise to Stardom

Tyla first caught the public’s eye with her hit single “Getting Late”, which paved the way for her signing a significant record deal. In 2021, she collaborated with DJ Lag on the track “Overdue”.

Rumours and Speculations

Ever since the duo were seen together in Los Angeles in 2022, whispers of a potential romance have been circulating. 

While Tyla is associated with Epic Records, Rema is with Mavin, one of Nigeria’s premier labels.

What you need to know

Rema has previously been linked with Justin Skye, Wizkid’s ex, especially after a memorable birthday date. 

There were also whispers about a possible relationship with label mate Ayra Starr. However, Ayra was quick to quash such rumours, referring to Rema as nothing more than a “brother.”


Who is Tyla?

Tyla Laura Seethal, known professionally as Tyla, is a South African singer who gained prominence with her song “Getting Late”.

What did Tyla say about Rema?

In an interview with Apple Music, Tyla expressed her desire to have Rema as her “prom” date and clarified that despite their photos together, they are just friends.

Has Rema been linked with other celebrities before?

Yes, Rema has previously been linked with Justin Skye and was rumoured to be involved with Ayra Starr, a claim that Ayra Starr denied.

Which record labels are Tyla and Rema associated with?

Tyla is signed to Epic Records, while Rema is with Mavin Records.

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