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Lifestyle - October 23, 2023

Where the World’s Wealthiest Go to Unwind

The exclusive world of centi-millionaires, those fortunate enough to have over $100 million in assets, is always intriguing. Their choices in luxury, travel, and lifestyle give us a glimpse into a realm few can imagine. As we approach the end of the year, one question piques our curiosity: Where do the world’s wealthiest prefer to holiday? Let’s answer this question, drawing insight from Visual Capitalist.

American Shores Beckon

A significant portion of these global elite has a penchant for the United States. With the allure of sun-soaked beaches in Miami, the serene luxury of the Hamptons, and the picturesque charm of Florida’s West Palm Beach, it’s no wonder they gravitate towards these destinations. With private villas and exclusive clubs, these locations offer privacy and opulence in equal measure.

European Elegance

The timeless charm of Europe is not lost on our affluent travellers. Paris, with its blend of art, culture, and luxury, is a perennial favourite. Meanwhile, the sun-kissed shores of Nice in France and the rustic allure of Portugal’s Golden Triangle in Algarve offer both tranquillity and grandeur.

The Growth Trajectory

Recent studies suggest that the club of centi-millionaires is not as exclusive as it once was. By 2033, their numbers are expected to approach 40,000, a substantial increase from today. The emerging economies, especially in the East, are poised to contribute significantly to this growth. It will be fascinating to observe the evolving preferences of this new breed of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

All in all, while most of us might not experience the luxury of the centi-millionaires, tracing their journeys gives us a window into a world of opulence and grandeur. As they traverse the globe, they leave behind tales of extravagance, elegance, and sometimes, eccentricity.

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