How Mike Adenuga's Net Worth Declined by 300 Million to Stand at 3.3 Billion
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Business - October 25, 2023

How Mike Adenuga’s Net Worth Declined by 300 Million to Stand at 3.3 Billion

Mike Adenuga, the Chairman of Conoil and the founder of Globacom, once a towering figure in Nigeria’s business landscape with a net worth of $3.6 billion as recently as July, has seen a decline of $300 million in his wealth. Currently, Mike Adenuga’s net worth stands at an estimated $3.3 billion, a substantial dip in his net worth.

From his humble beginnings, supporting his studies by driving taxis in New York, to becoming a billionaire businessman, Adenuga’s story is one of unparalleled ambition. His ability to amass wealth, as well as his resilience in facing adversity, makes him a beacon of inspiration.

While his recent decline in net worth might be concerning to some, Mike Adenuga’s history suggests that he has the grit and determination to weather any financial storm. Let’s take a look at what led to the decline in his net worth.

The devaluation of the Naira played a significant role in the decline 

The devaluation of the Nigerian naira is significant. Official records from the Central Bank of Nigeria, as of October 19, 2023, pegged the exchange rate at N860/$. However, the peer-to-peer (P2P) market, a platform for covert forex trading via the crypto space, paints a bleaker picture with the naira dropping to N1,186/$1.

The Nigerian economy has seen its currency, the naira, devalue against the U.S. dollar. Official rates from the Central Bank of Nigeria indicate one figure, but the P2P markets, where there’s free trading, show a much more severe decline. This devaluation has significant repercussions on Mike Adenuga’s business valuations, and investments, amongst others.

Recent performance analyses indicate that Conoil’s activities might have contributed to this decline.

Conoil, one of Mike Adenuga’s significant investments, has been affected by the devaluation of the naira. When currencies devalue, and you have holdings in that currency, the value of those holdings in terms of international standards (like the U.S. dollar) will decrease. Thus, even if Conoil remained stable in its operations, its valuation in U.S. dollars would have naturally decreased due to the currency devaluation.

As Nigeria’s third-richest person, Mike Adenuga’s significant fortune stems from his endeavors in telecommunications and oil production. Globacom, his telecom brainchild, boasts a remarkable subscriber count, positioning it as Nigeria’s third-largest operator. On the oil front, Conoil Producing, under Adenuga’s stewardship, operates six crucial oil blocks in the Niger Delta.

The unification of the Naira in July has been a determining factor 

Adenuga’s financial journey is not new to sudden shifts. In July, he faced a significant reduction in his net worth, losing $2.7 billion. Such a significant drop was influenced by various factors, notably the unification of the naira. This backstory suggests that external economic policies can have massive implications for individual wealth, especially for those who have significant holdings in the affected country.


Despite his success, Adenuga hasn’t been a stranger to controversy. Notably, in 2006, a money laundering case saw him detained following raids on the headquarters of several of his businesses. This incident led to his temporary move to London until he received a pardon. Furthermore, in 2016, he was pursued for debts amounting to over $140.5 million by multiple companies. 

The decline in Mike Adenuga’s net worth is a combination of internal business dynamics and broader economic conditions. While individual company performance plays a role, larger macroeconomic factors, notably the devaluation of the Nigerian naira, have been crucial in this decline.

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