Portable Links Mohbad's Death to Naira Marley's Enemies
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News - October 25, 2023

Portable Links Mohbad’s Death to Naira Marley’s Enemies

In a startling revelation, celebrated Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, widely recognised as Portable, has insinuated a potential connection between the demise of the renowned musician, Ilerioluwa Aloba (known by fans as Mohbad), and the adversaries of the prominent figure in the music industry, Naira Marley.

Marlian Records and the Unexpected Rift

Mohbad, once a pivotal figure at Naira Marley’s esteemed Marlian record label, eventually distanced himself, citing alleged grievances. 

Portable shed light on this estrangement, noting that Mohbad, despite receiving mentorship and tremendous support from Marlian Records, decided to turn his back on the team that had been his cradle. 

Portable, translating his sentiments from Yoruba, remarked, “Mohbad died because of his betrayal, do you understand?”

The Accusations

Mohbad’s chief contention was a perceived lack of affection from the label, a sentiment that subsequently fuelled his association with individuals who were not on the best terms with Naira Marley. 

Portable poignantly questioned, “Who doesn’t love you? The person who built you no longer loves you?” 

He further elaborated on how Mohbad gravitated towards those who weren’t supportive of Marlian ideals, emphasizing, “Why is it that whenever you leave your helper’s side you will go to his enemies?”

Insinuations about the Music Industry

The music landscape, according to Portable, is shrouded in murky politics and personal vendettas. 

Drawing parallels with his own experiences and insinuating a broader conspiracy, he asserted, “They wanted to send me to prison but God saved me.”

Elaborating on the sinister undertones, Portable directly mentioned, “Naira Marley’s opponents were the ones who killed Mohbad.” He emphasised Mohbad’s association with these individuals as a potential reason behind the tragic event.

A Plea for Authenticity and Loyalty

Portable, echoing sentiments of loyalty and the perils of switching allegiances in a bid for fleeting success, cautioned emerging talents. 

Using the incident as a sombre lesson, he advised, “This life, don’t be so bad so that you can see tomorrow.” 

He further conveyed the significance of staying true to one’s roots, adding, “Don’t cross-carpet because you want to blow, it’s gone like that.”

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