Report: Top 5 Countries to Launch a Startup in Africa
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News around Africa - October 25, 2023

Report: Top 5 Countries to Launch a Startup in Africa

Africa is rapidly emerging as a hotspot for entrepreneurs looking to innovate and tap into a vibrant, growing market. With its diverse cultures, burgeoning youth population, and increasing technological adoption, the continent offers immense opportunities to launch any startup. But where exactly should one plant the seeds of their next big idea? 

This report according to StartupBlink data dives into the top countries in Africa that are becoming the epicenters for startup activities. From tech hubs and incubators to access to venture capital, these countries are laying the groundwork for the next generation of business leaders. Let’s look into which nations are leading the charge and why they’re becoming the go-to destinations to launch a startup in Africa. 

South Africa

In 2023, South Africa, boasting a score of three points and 4 cities in the top 1000, secured its reputation as the leading nation in Southern Africa to launch a startup in Africa, despite dropping to 53rd globally. Anchored by economic powerhouses like Cape Town and Johannesburg, the nation has fostered a thriving startup ambiance, with Cape Town distinguishing itself as a significant tech hub and the continent’s preferred digital nomad destination. 

Initiatives like the anticipated South Africa Startup Act, coupled with heavy investments from giants like Naspers, underscore its potential. Yet, challenges like corruption impede its growth trajectory. Supported by stakeholders such as the Silicon Cape Initiative and Digital Collective Africa, South Africa remains a compelling destination for entrepreneurs eyeing Africa.


In 2023, Mauritius, with a score of 2.1 points, remarkably climbed 10 spots from the previous year, surpassing Kenya. Despite its modest population of 1.3 million, it boasts a rich startup ecosystem nurtured by a cohesive community of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Its advanced infrastructure, combined with significant support from both the public and private sectors, facilitates the growth of new businesses. Entrepreneurs benefit from policies like the Business Facilitation Act, the Business Development Scheme, and the Booster Microcredit. With incubators and accelerators aplenty, Mauritius is fostering innovation, even as it strategically addresses challenges through its 10-year Master Plan for the SME Sector.


Securing a commendable score of 1.97 points and featuring 2 cities in the global top 1000, Kenya ranks 62nd worldwide, fortifying its position as a key destination to launch a startup in Africa. With a population of 54 million, it stands as Eastern Africa’s 2nd best startup hub. Renowned for pioneering fintech innovations like M-Pesa, Kenya’s vibrant ecosystem has attracted significant investments, with startups like M-Kopa and Wasoko making waves. Nairobi, housing global tech giants and accelerators such as Antler, acts as the heart of this burgeoning tech scene. Although facing challenges like limited mentorship programs, strategic initiatives like the Kenyan Startup Act and Konza Technopolis signify the nation’s commitment to fostering innovation.


With a notable score of 1.94 points and 5 cities ranking in the global top 1000, Nigeria emerges as Western Africa’s premier destination to launch a startup in Africa. Though it dropped 3 positions since 2023 to stand 64th worldwide, its burgeoning population of 218.5 million offers a vast consumer base, fostering unicorns like Flutterwave and OPay. The Nigerian Startup Act, along with initiatives such as Startup Nigeria and Co-Creation Hub, underpins the government’s commitment to the entrepreneurial realm. 

Moreover, the debut of Starlink’s satellite broadband in 2023 enhanced Nigeria’s connectivity. Challenges persist, including infrastructure gaps and financial limitations, but the nation’s trajectory, particularly Lagos, is unmistakably upward-focused in the African startup domain.


Scoring 1.64 points with Cairo ranked in the global top 1000, Egypt stands as Northern Africa’s foremost nation to launch a startup in Africa. Positioned 67th globally, its vast market and population of 111 million make Egypt an entrepreneurial powerhouse. 2023 marked Egypt’s induction into the unicorn club with MNT-Halan. The nation’s blossoming tech sector, especially in e-commerce, has been fueled by government-supported VCs like Egypt Ventures and fintech funds like Nclude.

With initiatives such as TIEC fostering an innovative culture, Egypt’s prime challenge lies in minimizing bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring gender inclusivity in its tech domain. Bolstered by better internet infrastructure, Egypt’s robust business culture is evidently influencing its dynamic startup ecosystem.

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