Sanwo-Olu Unveils Vehicle Assembly Plant in Lagos; First Batch of 2,000 Cars Ready for Sale
Home News Sanwo-Olu Unveils Vehicle Assembly Plant in Lagos; First Batch of 2,000 Cars Ready for Sale 
News - October 25, 2023

Sanwo-Olu Unveils Vehicle Assembly Plant in Lagos; First Batch of 2,000 Cars Ready for Sale 

Lagos continues its stride towards an automotive revolution as Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu unveils a state-of-the-art vehicle assembly plant in partnership with CIG Motors, a prominent Chinese automobile firm. The significant milestone, part of a joint venture agreement, positions Lagos as an emerging hub in the vehicle manufacturing sector.

Nestled along WEMPCO Road in the Ogba district, the new facility was inaugurated on Tuesday. This development, a result of a bilateral agreement from Governor Sanwo-Olu’s 2019 business trip to China, stands as a testament to the potential of public-private partnerships in Lagos. 

The facility’s opening aligns with the State’s vision to attract investments that enhance job creation, skill and wealth development, and entrepreneurial growth.

In a proud announcement, Sanwo-Olu says 2,000 brand-new GAC vehicles right here in Lagos have successfully been assembled. He added that the accomplishment is a beacon of the harmonious synergy between global collaboration and local talent.

He says that the vehicle plant in Lagos will not only serve as a focal point for automotive excellence but also promise an influx of economic opportunities for Lagosians.

What the plant is set to achieve

With an impressive capacity, the plant is prepared to roll out 5,000 units of brand-new vehicles annually in its initial phase. Beyond the production numbers, the governor emphasized the ripple effects of such an investment. He says the establishment of the vehicle assembly plant transcends the automotive sector. It promises a new era of employment, equipping our young workforce with essential skills and drastically curbing unemployment rates in Lagos.”

Sanwo-Olu also emphasized the high standards of the vehicles being assembled. He said GAC vehicles are tailored for our roads and climate as they offer comfort, and durability, and are easy to maintain.

The Chairman of CIG Motors, Chief Diana Chen, highlighted the plant’s phased design that will cater to the market demands of various GAC product brands. Expressing her pride in the partnership with the Lagos government, she stated, “Today, we’ve achieved a remarkable feat with a fully automated, world-class vehicle production line right here in Lagos, all thanks to the successful collaboration between our company and the State.”

Chen further elaborated on the plant’s expansive infrastructure, which includes automated lines like the trim line, chassis line, and final line, all upholding GAC’s global CKD factory standards.

With the facility geared to meet both local and international standards, Lagos looks forward to reducing dependence on imported second-hand vehicles, making new cars more accessible to its citizens, and fostering a burgeoning automotive industry, setting an example for other states to follow.

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