Six Chinese Nationals Face Murder Charges Over Nigerian's Death
Home News Six Chinese Nationals Face Murder Charges Over Nigerian’s Death in the Philippines
News - October 25, 2023

Six Chinese Nationals Face Murder Charges Over Nigerian’s Death in the Philippines

Six Chinese individuals suspected of being involved in a Nigerian’s death have been charged with murder cases by the Philippines National Police.

The Nigerian medical student, Chibuikem Emmanuel, died in a tragic event on Orlacson Street, Mandaue City, Philippines, leaving the nation in shock and prompting a call for justice.

An anonymous source told newsmen that the photos of the suspects have been sent to all the airports around so they don’t escape; “they are still searching for them.” 

Another source said,  “The deceased died of alleged torture by his assailants who tied his hands and mouth and subsequently beat him to death.” 

He said, “There was a heated argument among the deceased, his girlfriend, and the head of the company, who happens to be a Chinese woman. The argument was because of the commission Chibuikem’s girlfriend was supposed to get.” 

The source further added “The situation escalated rapidly when two vehicles arrived at the premises, claiming to take Chibuikem to the police station for causing a disturbance. It was later discovered by the deceased’s allies that Chibuikem was not taken to the station. A bus later came to drop the student off in front of the police station with his hands tied and scars on his face.” 

Chibuikem was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. His untimely death has sparked outrage and calls for justice, not only from the local community but also from international entities. 

NIDCOM’s reactions to Chibuikem’s death

The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, through its spokesperson, Abdur-Rahman Balogun said, “The commission will set the machinery in motion to investigate the matter and unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

He emphasized that they would rely on details from the Nigerian embassy in the Philippines and the complainant to aid in their investigation.

What you need to know

The Mandaue City Police Office has taken a significant step by filing murder cases against the six Chinese nationals allegedly involved in Chibuikem’s murder.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Franco Oriol, MCPO’s deputy city director for administration and spokesperson, hinted that Chibuikem “refused to work there on the job that he was given, and the Chinese allegedly suspected him of sexually harassing one of their co-workers. According to our witnesses, the Nigerian was mauled in the other room.”

Amid the ongoing investigation, it’s crucial to note that Chibuikem’s girlfriend vehemently denies the allegations, casting a shadow of doubt on the motive. 

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