Sweden Accelerates Work Visa Process for Nigerians and Other Nationals 
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News - October 26, 2023

Sweden Accelerates Work Visa Process for Nigerians and Other Nationals 

In an effort to simplify the work visa permit application process for highly skilled workers from outside the European Union, including Nigeria, Sweden has unveiled a new model that aims to drastically reduce waiting times. 

With the introduction of this model, a complete application for a work permit for these workers will now receive a decision within 30 days, as per an announcement by the Swedish Migration Agency.

How the work visa permit will unfold

The revamped system will categorize work permit applications into four distinct categories, depending on the applicant’s occupation and the industry they intend to join.

Mikael Ribbenvik, the Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency says, “Helping these employers to make a complete application will reduce the processing time. It will be easier for the employer to contact us and get support in the process,” 

Underlining the importance of attracting global talent, Ribbenvik said, “The new model means a greater focus on the employer’s ability to bring highly qualified workers to Sweden. New international recruitment units will exclusively handle and provide service to the employers who recruit this group.”

Industry analysts, particularly from KMPG Sweden, lauded the proposed changes, emphasizing that they will inject both flexibility and efficiency into businesses eager to fill their labor gaps. The existing certification scheme, originally designed for around 20 large enterprises with consistent hiring needs from outside the EU, has grown to include as many as 640 companies. 

This significant rise in participants overburdened the system, leading to lengthy delays. “The certification scheme has lost its original purpose and will now be replaced with a new system, based on four categories,” analysts commented.

How the revamped model will avert loss of the talent pool

KMPG highlighted that the elongated processing durations under the old system resulted in a considerable loss of talent and skills for Swedish companies. They are optimistic that the revamped model, potentially rolling out by year’s end, will address these issues.

However, it’s not all good news for Nigerian nationals looking for international opportunities. In related news, Nigeria was notably absent from Sri Lanka’s free visa scheme which was extended to seven countries. Moreover, implications of the EU’s irregular immigration pacts on Nigeria and other recent developments suggest that the path to global mobility is still fraught with challenges.

Nevertheless, initiatives such as Sweden’s streamlined visa process signal a positive trend for professionals globally, as countries acknowledge the importance of fostering an environment that attracts top-tier talent from around the world.

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