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Entertainment - October 27, 2023

Rema: 5 Power Players in His Network

In the intricate tapestry of the global music industry, certain figures stand out, creating waves that ripple beyond their immediate surroundings, one such sensation is Rema. Behind every rising star, there’s a robust network of supporters, mentors, and collaborators who play instrumental roles in shaping and elevating their journey. For Rema, this is no different.

The Nigerian afrobeat prodigy has taken the world by storm with his genre-blending sound. Behind every rising star, there’s a robust network of supporters, mentors, and collaborators who play instrumental roles in shaping and elevating their journey. For Rema, this is no different. His growth and achievement feature some of the music world’s biggest names, illustrating the breadth and depth of his influence and potential. Let’s explore the power players in Rema’s network, offering a glimpse into the alliances that have propelled him into global stardom.

Don Jazzy

As the founder of Mavin Records, the label to which Rema is signed, Don Jazzy’s role in Rema’s ascent is monumental. Don Jazzy’s reputation precedes him, having co-founded Mo’ Hits Records and been instrumental in launching the careers of numerous renowned artists. With Rema skipping the recent Mavin Records album ‘Overdose’, questions arose regarding his relationship with the Mavin CEO. Nonetheless, Don Jazzy’s influence on Rema’s music and career trajectory is unmistakable, solidifying him as one of the significant power players in Rema’s network.


His role in Rema’s journey began with a simple Instagram freestyle. When Rema shared a rendition of D’Prince’s ‘Gucci Gang’, he captured the attention of the artist so profoundly that D’Prince flew to Rema’s hometown in Benin to offer him a record deal. Following this, Rema was introduced to Don Jazzy, marking a turning point in his career. Notably, D’Prince’s founding of Jonzing World, in collaboration with Don Jazzy as a sister label to Mavin Records, further intertwines his influence in Rema’s career.

Selena Gomez

Another illustrious name in Rema’s network is the American pop sensation, Selena Gomez. Their relationship traces back to 2020 when Selena reached out to Rema, expressing her admiration for his music. This initial contact laid the foundation for their award-winning collaboration, “Calm Down,” which clinched an accolade at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Rema, continuing to make global waves with feats like featuring his voice in the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” trailer, decided in 2022 to transition their communication into a musical partnership. 

Their bond was further solidified when Selena shared her gratitude on Instagram, crediting Rema for significantly impacting her life. Their collaboration showcases the strength and potential of Rema’s expanding network in the global music industry.

Ayra Starr

The relationship between Rema and his fellow Mavin Records artist, Ayra Starr, is more than just a label connection. In a candid radio interview, Rema revealed that he seldom attends social events without her presence. Describing Ayra as a “vibe” and the lifeblood of any party, their bond has grown to the extent that he feels her absence at outings. Furthermore, Rema mentioned a particular affinity with another Mavin artiste, Bayanni, especially in the studio where their creative energies seem to synchronize. While he maintains a friendly relationship with all young talents at Mavin, it’s clear that Ayra Starr holds a special place in his network, embodying both camaraderie and professional synergy.

Johnny Drille

Another pivotal figure in Rema’s network from the Mavin Records family is Johnny Drille. Known for his distinct folk and alternative sound, Johnny Drille’s contrast to the afrobeat produced by Rema and trap fusion makes for an intriguing dynamic. While both artists hail from the same record label, their collaborations and interactions go beyond mere professional obligations. Their shared experiences, label-related engagements, and mutual respect craft contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation between them. 

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