Lagos Gears Up to Demolish Drainage-Blocking Structures in Ikoyi Area
Home News Lagos Gears Up to Demolish Drainage-Blocking Structures in Ikoyi Area 
News - October 30, 2023

Lagos Gears Up to Demolish Drainage-Blocking Structures in Ikoyi Area 

Amid urgent calls by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for immediate measures to stabilise the Naira, the Lagos State Government today, Monday shifted the spotlight to another pressing concern, the impending demolition of structures in Ikoyi. 

Lagos state is set to commence structures map to demolish, this includes the removal of perimeter fences situated within two meters of drainage channels on Norman Williams, Awolowo, and Ribadu roads in the Ikoyi district.

The decision to remove these fences was communicated by the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources. The announcement comes after the grace period extended to property owners in the affected regions had come to an end.

During a site visit to Norman Williams Street on Sunday, Tokunbo Wahab, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, vocalized his dissatisfaction regarding the lukewarm response to the directive. 

Observing the area, Wahab found that only a handful of property owners had complied, whereas a significant majority seemed to ignore the mandate to demolish structures in Ikoyi. He remarked on the disappointing observation, stating the apparent lack of action by the larger percentage of homeowners concerning the directive.

As the Lagos state government gears up to demolish structures in Ikoyi, in line with its commitment to safety and environmental sanity, the overarching economic concerns remain at the forefront with the NLC’s persistent call for stabilising the Naira. ‘

With issues overlapping between structures to demolish in Ikoyi and the economy, the days ahead are critical for the residents of Lagos and stakeholders alike.

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