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Brands - October 30, 2023

Emerging Nigerian Artist Tweehz Introduces “Rastafarian” – A Genre-Defying Fusion

Tweehz, the talented Nigerian artist who made his mark with the debut single “Peter Obi,” is back with a musical revelation – “Rastafarian.” This track seamlessly blends dancehall, Afrobeat, and Amapiano influences, embodying Tweehz’s journey of musical exploration and cultural connection.

Inspired by the iconic “Mo Gbono Feli Feli” by D’Banj and produced by Don Jazzy, “Rastafarian” opens with the powerful line, “Rastafarian but I am Nigerian.” Tweehz explains, “Rastafarian in this context stands for being free-spirited, not being a Rastafarian by culture. ‘But Nigerian’ is obviously acknowledging my culture,” signifying a celebration of both free-spirited culture and personal identity.

Collaborating with producers Freshly and Jazzman, Tweehz has meticulously crafted a musical journey that symbolizes his fearless approach to pushing boundaries. “Freshy did the reproduction, but it was missing a bit of energy. We asked Jazzman for his perspective; he gave a reggaeton dancehall version. So, I, as the executive producer, decided to use Jazzman’s drums, which were reggaeton and Amapiano, and Freshy’s melodies, which were Afrobeat,” Tweehz explains.

“Rastafarian” isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem of self-confidence and individuality. Tweehz’s unwavering commitment to being himself shines through in every note and lyric.

As an emerging artist, Tweehz’s journey is still unfolding. He invites listeners to join him on this musical adventure, and this isn’t his first rodeo in the music scene. Tweehz has opened for superstars such as Ayojay and Wande Coal in live performances, showcasing his talent on bigger stages.

Stay tuned for more from Tweehz, including collaborations with Tolibian and a highlife fusion track titled “Coming Home.”

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